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Friday, July 18, 2008

Libra is making enemies in the house:

As predicted, Libra's too hard/too fast approach to playing the game is starting to flip on her!

First, we have Keesha, Jerry & Renny bashing on Libra:

Jerry: "Libra shoots her mouth off about everybody."

Then Keesha and Memphis had a nice talk in the Spa Room. Keesha told Memphis that Libra told April that Keesha was campaigning to keep Steven.

Keesha: "Where does she get this f***ing shit from??"

Keesha & April sat down and talked, and this is how all this came to light. As Keesha says in the video, Libra approached Keesha before the POV comp today and said "Talk to Steven", Keesha said no, and then Steven (later on) goes up to Keesha and says "Libra said you wanted to talk to me?"

Oh, and if the video of Jessie being cocky wasn't enough (see 1 post below), then check this one out:

Jessie thinks he has control of next week:

That kid is starting to really wear on my nerves. lol :-P

Stay tuned...