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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Libra & Jerry Fight (vids)

Like I said in the post below, this morning was CRAZY with drama on the live feeds!!!!

Libra was talking to the girls in the 70's decor room and just waking up for the day, when all of a sudden, Jerry comes in and starts confronting her for some remarks that she had made after the food comp the other day. That's when Libra SNAPPED and went psycho on him! I truly thought she was going to hit him!!

Libra DID say that they lost the food comp because of the "2 old people" on their team (Renny & Jerry), but that they had lost as a team as well. Well, it seems that the 1st part "slipped" Libra's mind. She remembers saying something similar, but not in those exact words.

No matter who is right/wrong in this, I think the way that Libra handled herself was in very poor taste and down right scary! I'm not sure if this is who she is all the time (a really short fuse), or if it's because she's been on slop and it's making her crazy, but she flipped the hell out on Jerry AND Renny!!!

Part 1:

Part 2:

This happened a couple of hours ago, but it takes soooo much for me to take videos, process them, upload them, and then it takes about 10 mins per video to upload them onto YouTube (then I had to restart the computer because it was lagging from working so hard). So that's why there's a delay in getting these videos to ya'll. But better late than never! :-D

So what are your thoughts on Libra, Jerry, and Renny and the way they handled themselves?? I'm curious to see what ya'll think!!

By the way, I think Libra's reaction to Jerry is going to REALLY bite her in the ass. More and more, I see Michelle totally using the POV on Steven and asking Jessie to nominate Libra. And just some FYI; Jessie STILL hates Renny and wants her gone ASAP. That boy has a ton of growing up to do! It was a small incident, she appologized and changed her WHOLE ATTITUDE since then, and he is still holding it against her. Gawwd...get over it, Jessie!! I hope that punk is next to go. lol

If you don't have the live feeds yet, I highly recomend you get them now! The houseguests are cracking under pressure and the game is ON!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned...