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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Morning/Early Afternooon in the BB house:

The HG's got woken up by BB at 9:33am BBT.

9:59am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Keesha is nursing her hangover with some coffee and some mild complaining. lol

Keesha: "NEVER AGAIN, will I listen to you boys." (they all laugh)

Talk turns to Dan leaving the house today at around 10:45am BBT. They're taking him via helicopter.

10:46am BBT:
Dan is still in the house but probably not for longer. BB told everyone to be camera-ready to say goodbye to Dan in 30 mins (and that was over 30 mins ago), so it should be any minute now.

10:55am BBT:
Spa Room

Dan & Memphis are saying how sick & tired they are of Jerry and his attitude. Jerry is being rather rude and pissy today. He already yelled at Dan for throwing out a stick of butter last night. When Jerry went to get butter this morning, he was pissed he couldn't find it and Dan told him he threw it away last night and Jerry said "Why the hell would you do that?"

Memphis: (to Dan) "Like there's not a million other sticks of butter in here."

The way the boys are complaining about Jerry makes me wonder if they'll evict him simply because they can't stand him anymore and the way he treats the three of them.

Talk turns to Dan's trip.

Memphis: "Are you gonna wear a red bandanna to represent [the Renegades]?"

Dan says yes and goes to get it up in his HOH room and puts it in his pocket.

11:16am BBT:
BB: "Dan, please go to the Diary Room."

..and we have fish on all 4 feeds..which means that Dan is about to leave the house for day!

11:20am BBT:
Feeds are back, and Dan is gone! He'll be back sometime tonight from his trip to the beach with Michelle.

11:39am BBT:
Everyone is sleeping.

Jerry walked into his bedroom and slammed his hat down. He's obviously very bitter about Dan winning the trip and not being selected to go with him.

12:22pm BBT:
HG's are still napping.

Keesha: outside on couch
Jerry: in his bed
Memphis: spa room lounger

1:01pm BBT:
Everybody is now up and moving around.

1:53pm BBT:

They're talking about how it's gonna be weird to leave the house because they've been isolated for so long.

I'm gonna get offline for the next few hours. Don't forget to watch tonight's episode at 7pm EST!! :-D See ya then!

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