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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dan returns to the BB house:

At 6:23pm BBT, Dan came back into the house!

He was telling Keesha/Jerry/Memphis about his trip to the beach.

He said he was in a helicopter & that he saw gas prices and billboards for movies and that Batman came out shortly after they got in the house. He even saw where Memphis works! (BB pointed it out to him). They flew him over the Hollywood Hills and he was able to see pools and such.

Dan: "I never saw that much money before in my life!"

Dan went to a private island that is owned by the same guy that owns Wrigley Park. He keeps saying he was alone, but he was with Michelle.

K: was it soo weird [being in the real world again]?"
Dan: "Ya, the weird thing was I couldnt wait to get back [here]...Im afraid to go back to the real world no." (Jokingly)

He snuck back some sand, seaweed, and three rocks (for each of the HG's):

Jerry: a white rock
Keesha: a pink rock
Memphis: a "strong & silent" looking rock (LOL)

Everyone likes the rocks he brought back.

Dan said that he got motion sickness from being blindfolded and then when they took it off, it was overwhelming. A CBS staff member had to give him a motion sickness pill.

Dan said he had two guys escorting him out when he was blindfolded.

Jerry asked Dan if he had wine with dinner and Dan said yes, red and white, but not alot of it.

Dan/Jerry alone in kitchen.

Dan: "Pretty quiet around here, huh?"
Jerry: "Memphis didn't say but all of three words to me today."

Jerry then talks to Dan about them ignoring him.

Jerry: "When you guys go in your room at night, don't leave me alone so much, I'm asking as a courtesy, not a favor, its just common courtesy. I dont care if you're getting rid of me this week, I dont give a shit...just talk to me."

Dan: "Okay. Sorry Jerry."

Stay tuned...


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