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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday's Show on CBS

Helllllooooo, BB fans!! :-D

BB is about come on at 9pm EST (8pm Central/6pm BBT) and I will be here blogging all about it!!

So grab your snacks & pull up a chair, and I'll be right back! ;-)

**Show Has Started**

[Flashback to the Nomination Ceremony: Keesha & Libra]

Keesha: "I was nominated because I got Jessie out."

Libra: "I kicked out Jessie, took the Hawaii trip..hello! Of course I'm gonna be a target!"

Dan talks to Keesha in the 60's room. Keesha tells him she's pissed (she's nominated) and that she's pissed that Michelle put April's key in first and that they're all of a sudden really close now. Libra tells them to read into it as them being close and get the "bitch" out of the house (April).

Michelle & Keesha talk up in the HOH room. Michelle tells Keesha that she's aware of Libra orchestrating everybody's eviction (but Keesha is actually the guilty one for getting everyone but Steven out.)

Time for the Veto Comp!!!!!!!!!!

Players picked were:
*Michelle (HOH)
*Keesha (Nom)
*Libra (Nom)
*April (picked by Michelle)
*Memphis (picked by Keesha)
*Libra (picked by Jerry)

They're showing April/Ollie/Jerry talking smack on Libra and April calls her a "lying bitch". Jerry gives his usual "Dan needs to leave" speech.

Jerry & Michelle up in the HOH room:
Jerry gives Michelle the whole "Dan needs to leave" speech. Michelle says she doesn't trust him at all, Jerry says to make him a re-nom if any of "them" win the POV. Jerry says that if Dan is America's Player, then he's a "scumbag".


They're showing Dan & Memphis dressed up like robbers and scaring the hell out of Renny/Libra/Keesha as they were sleeping. lol

Okay, time for the POV Comp!!!

There's thousands of onions, Dan said it smelled like an armpit. lol
They have to transfer their onions to the other side of the comp stage and place their chopped onions either in their POV box or their Mystery box.

Memphis dumped all of his in the mystery box, he was trying to win something. April did a little of both so she didn't look like she wasn't trying.

Keesha: "The smell was horrible! Horrible, horrbile, horrible!! Our eyes were all burning & crying."

Memphis fell down.
Dan is worried Jerry will win and send him home this week.

Comp is ended and here are the results for the Mystery Box Only:
Memphis: 33.8 lbs (in the mystery box)---WINNNER!
April: 27.4 lbs
Michelle: 19.4 lbs
Keesha: 17.6 lbs
Libra: 17.2 lbs

Memphis, being the winner, got to choose a mystery prize and it ended up being the onion necklace.

April won 5 designer dresses custom made for her to wear in the BB house & to take home.

Winner of the POV is:


Libra came in 2nd place. April jumps on Jerry and cheers.

Libra: "That's it. I'm done. I'm going home."

Dan is worried that Jerry will use the POV to remove one of the girls and then get Michelle to re-nom him.


Jerry: "Dan is Judas. I'd love to do to him, what he did to me."

Now he's telling Ollie & April that he will call Dan "Judas".

Jerry is up in the HOH room with Michelle:
Jerry: "I did that for Jessie! I want Dan to suffer. Take Keesha off, re-nom Dan."

Michelle tells Jerry to do whatever he wants to do.

Now it's time for their Lobster & Steak feast (with wine & beer included). They start to eat and they start to go around the table and say something nice about somebody else at the table.

Memphis: "May the best days of your past, be the worst days of your future. Think about that."

Renny: "Jerry, you always give 110%." (Jerry cries & smiles) Then she tells all the girls that they're beautiful in their own ways. They all cry. Keesha drinks some more of her wine.

Dan: "We've had our issues, but before that, we've had alot of talks. I only had 1 grandfather (cries a little).."

Keesha talks about how bad the relationship between her and April are.
Ollie says a nice little "I love you all" at the table.
Jerry says "we need more wine!"

Libra & Ollie talk in the storage room about how Ollie called her a "ho". Ollie says he's sorry. Libra talks about that she's mom & etc. They hug, Libra breaks down and cries. Ollie said he felt betrayed.

[This is all the build up to the HUGGEEE fight!!!!!!]

Michelle & Keesha are in the HOH room talking about how Libra said what she said at the dinner table about Keesha making nice with April:

Libra:"The only reason she's trying to kiss up to you tonight, is cause she wants to borrow April's designer dresses."

Keesha never heard that part, and Michelle brings in April to prove to Keesha that Libra actually said that. (The hidden motive for Michelle to do this is to break up frienships in the house.)


Libra says she meant nothing by it, and then Michelle/Keesha/Libra start yelling at the top of their lungs!!

And so the fight begins!! And as we all know, this goes on for a looong time.
(I'm going to enjoy the next few mins of the show and watch it. lol)


Time for the Veto Ceremony!!!!
(This is where Jerry makes his famous speech that totally ends up backfiring on him & gets the HG's to pretty much ignore him.)

The Speeches:

Keesha: "I know why I'm here. I take reponsibitly for getting Jessie out. I don't expect you to use the POV on me.

Libra: (says the exact same thing as Keesha)

Jerry: "I would like to talk about how I feel. I had no power last week. Dan, I'm sorry you're not nominated. You walk around the house with your cross & bible. You will always be Judas in my house. I'm going to make my decision. Dan, this is your lucky day. I'm not using the POV."

**End of Show ;-)**

Stay tuned...