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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Evening in the BB house: (pics)

Okay, let's see what the HG's are up to, shall we? We shall! ;-)

The HG's just got done with dinner and they're all making small talk while cleaning up dishes and such:

[Keep refreshing every 5-10 mins, I'll post the happenings of the house but you have to give them some time to actually do things for me to write about. lol So be patient, the HG's are slllloooww moving today. :-P ]

Michelle & Dan are now bullshitting in Dan's room.

They're asking each other what the guy in the Diary Room asked each other (without actually saying it so that BB won't tell them to "stop talking about production".)

Dan: "What's the thing you miss the most since being in the house?"
Michelle: "My cell phone because I can call everybody, see their pics in my phone, and check the internet on it."

They now talk politics and Michelle asks if he's pro or anti abortion, and Dan says he's against abortion. Michelle brings up severe cases (I won't list them here) of where a woman might need/want the option for abortion, and he's not budging. That's just "how he feels". This convo started from Michelle asking who he's leaning towards voting for in this years election (Dan is undecided right now).

Update @ 9:35pm BBT:
Goodness..I've been waiting forever for the HG's to do something worth posting, but nope! lol I think they took the whole day & night off. I have BB: After Dark on Showtime and I'll be watching that as I clean & such. If something happens worth posting, I'll make a new post. :)

Stay tuned...