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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

The houseguests finally came some-what alive last night after a few glasses of wine & we had Ollie/Libra/Jerry change their mind and now they want to evict Keesha over Libra (though that won't happen because they need a 4th vote and Michelle & Dan won't vote Keesha out over Libra, so it'll wind up putting even more of a target on all of their backs.) But then again, it is Big Brother and anything can happen!

This is your Overnight Report:

Keesha/Memphis/Dan/Michelle were outside in the backyard. Memphis was working out on the elliptical, as Keesha & Dan lounged on the couch. They started to do some Truth or Dare (minus the dare part. lol)

Keesha asked Memphis if he's ever had a threesome...

..and Dan gets (yet again! lol) embarrassed by the conversation topic:

Memphis said yes, with 2 girls. They all then start talking about how a threesome with 2 guys & 1 girl is just "wrong" and it's not a turn on for either of them.

Switch cameras to:

As soon as I switched cameras, the first thing I hear is this:

April: "I get red carpets pulled out for me! Okay? I've been in a sports magazine, I've been in commercials! You haven't even had a girlfriend, okay?"

(Must be nice to think you're the best person on earth while cutting other people down.)

Ollie fires back at her (or at least he thought he did) by saying she hasn't experienced anything that she will go through after Big Brother is over. Jerry agrees and Ollie says..

Ollie: "THANK YOU! Thank you, Jerry! That's what I'm saying."

Talk switches to the dream (hopefully soon a reality!!) of April & Ollie going on the block this week.

Keesha: "April would CRAP herself if I won HOH this week!!"

Memphis: "I just wanna see [April] on the block! I will MAKE SURE she does not win the Veto!! She will self-destruct on the block and I want to see that!"

Memphis/Keesha/Renny/Dan (listening but not talking)
They all talked about how they HAVE TO..HAVVEEE HOH this week.

They throw around ideas about backdooring them (April/Ollie), or put them both on the block at the same time.

Memphis: "Michelle screwed up by not putting April on the block."

They all did a ton of April bashing last night.

Renny: "I can't stand that bitch! I knew she was fake from day one with that whole 'touch my boobs' thing."

Memphis wants to win HOH and put April on the block and say..

Memphis: "April, I put you up on the block, because your dresses that you won are worth $20,000."

He's making fun of how April is always saying that he won a car and he needs to go, and every week, April puts a new value on the car. One week, it was worth $30,000..then $40,000..and this week, she says it's worth $60,000. lol

Renny: "If one of 'them' wins POV, I'm going to puke."

*Memphis chuckles*
Renny: "Seriously."

Memphis: "They can NOT win! They CAN NOT WIN!!!!!"
Keesha: "If any of them win HOH, I pretty much know my game is done."

Memphis then starts to wonder what the HOH comp will be this week (us too, honey!! Us too!!)

Speaking of HOH comps, I think I'm going to scream if I see one more boring Question & Answer HOH comp. CBS, you think we give a shit about seeing HG's answering stupid questions? NOOOOOO!! We don't!!! We want endurance comps! Physical comps!! EXCITING HOH COMPS!!!! For the love of the BB Gods, pleaseeeeeeeeeee make this week's HOH comp an interesting one!!!

Okay, I feel better now. ;-)

Moving on...

Dan goes inside and Keesha says she wants to dunk Dan's underwear in water and then put them in the freezer. Memphis suggests she put them in bags and then place them in freezer. lol

Ohhh will the prank war ever end? I hope not! It's too much fun watching it on the feeds! :-D

And with 9 minutes to go before midnight (when they go back on slop for the week), the HG's were in a hurry to stuff their faces & their bellies with all the food they could get their paws on!!

On the topic of votes:
All week long, everybody (including Libra) knew that she was going home on Thursday. But then last night, April/Ollie/Jerry were talking about voting out Keesha this week instead. Keesha's alliance with Renny & Memphis is "too strong" and Libra would have nobody. I swear those people (Ollie/April/Jerry) are idiots. They will put an even bigger target on their backs and Libra will end up joining Memphis/Renny/Dan. She won't "be alone in the game" as they think she will be.

I'll keep my ears opened & my eyes on the feeds to see if there's any changes in the votes this week. Who knows, maybe they will tell Michelle and Michelle will flip it back on April/Ollie/Jerry and separating herself from that'd be best for her game play. This could get really interesting REALLY quick!!!!!!!

And this concludes your overnight report! ;-)

Stay tuned...