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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Morning in the BB house: (pics)

The houseguests are up and are already a little more chipper than usual. On a typical morning, they aren't that talkative but this morning, they're chatting away with each other!

Backyard Couch:

(Libra is chilliing on a lounger in the backyard & joining in the conversations here & there. She seems to be in a good mood today! :))

They're all talking about their voicemails probably being full and Memphis says he's had the same phone for 9 yrs and he thinks that old friends from High School might be calling him after the show just because they would all still know his number.

They're talking celebreties they've seen or talked to, and now they switched gears to the weather. Keesha said it's starting to get really hot outside now.

Stay tuned...