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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Prank War & Dead Fishy :(

So much for taking a couple hours off! lol

I had the feeds going as I stepped away from the computer and I heard Keesha screaming at the top of her lungs and giggling, so I went back over to the computer and this is what was going on:

Dan poured honey on a shirt & was going to prank Keesha:

..and he got her!

Apparantly (and this is the part I missed), but Keesha pulled a prank on Dan earlier (or at least that's what Dan thinks), and so he got her back with the honey.

Then he chased Renny & Keesha with the honey. lol

Dan is holding a dog toy (for Keesha's dog, Gizmo) for ransom & Keesha begged him to give the toy back to him:

If any of ya'll were watching the feeds prior to the prank, let me know the 1st part that I missed, I'm dying to know! LOL

Dan & Michelle went up to the HOH room and Michelle pointed out the dead fish in the looks like it was attacked & the eyes fell out (as they were looking at, Michelle gasped for air in shock & disgust):

R.I.P., little buddy! :-(

Now Keesha/Libra/Memphis are chilling in the backyard. Keesha is (in so many words) saying that Mario Lopez (aka "Slater" from Saved by the Bell) is a male slut these days. lol But that he's really cute in person (she saw him going into a gym one day in Burbank, California).

Stay tuned...