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Monday, August 11, 2008

POV Ceremony: (spoiler)

The live feeds are on fishies & I'm waiting for the verdict!

According to Jerry, he won't use and he has a big speech planned to scare Dan and cut him down to size and bash him & his religion (Oh gawd.) The feeds are gonna be on fire after the ceremony, I can just feel it!

At 12:45pm BBT, FEEDS ARE BACK!!!!

The POV was...


Nominations stay the same. (Keesha & Libra)

Dan & Keesha are in the Spa Room talking:

Dan: (to Keesha) "Are you okay?"

Keesha: "Ya, ya. I knew he wouldn't change it. And he just had to tell his little speech while he was up there."

(If you're wondering what Dan has on his cheek, it's OLSM, his school he teaches at.)

Stay tuned...