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Monday, August 11, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House:

Apparently, Jerry called Dan "Judas" in front of everyone during the POV Ceremony speech and NOBODY in the house (except Michelle) agrees with his speech.

Right now, April & Dan are talking outside alone and April is telling him that it was "completely uncalled for" (what Jerry said about him).

She also says that if he has a problem with him, then he should have confronted him in the house, not during the ceremony which will be aired on tv and that wasn't his time to make Dan feel like total shit.

Michelle comes out and interrupts and lies to them both saying that she "had no idea" about Jerry's speech. The truth is that Jerry not only told Michelle his speech word-for-word prior to the ceremony, but he practiced it in front of her as she laughed!

Michelle also went up to Memphis and gave the same "I had no idea he was going to say that!" routine. Michelle is a good liar, I'll give her that!

Switching camera's to Libra/Keesha in the 60's room:

Keesha: "You know what, Libra? If I really do leave, I don't give a shit. I mean, I don't wanna leave, but if I do, it won't ruin my life."

Keesha turns the talk into a positive one by pointing out the benefits to going to the Jury House (drinking, sleeping, not being around all the "crazy people" in the house, etc).

Dan & Memphis are swimming, Keesha & Michelle are laying by the pool:

Renny approaches the girls and starts giving her impression/mocking of Jerry during his speech to Dan:

Renny: "I just have something I would like to say..
Michelle "Okay.." (not knowing Renny was joking)
Renny: (looks at Dan in the pool) " hide behind your cross."
Dan: "What?" (also not knowing what Renny is doing)
Renny: "..and I have the power to save you this week. And I want you to know that I'm saving you for the last time. Because I have the power. I have the power of the HOH. I didn't even tell Michelle I'm taking her power, I just took it. And now I have the power. To save you, Dan."

(Everyone laughs at Renny)

Ollie & Michelle talk upstairs real quick about Jerry (just doing some Jerry bashing about his speech today):

Currently, Keesha/Memphis/Libra/Dan are by the pool (Keesha is swimming) and they're talking about how Jerry made up a lie about being in an alliance with Dan & they're all getting a good laugh about it.

Keesha: "Who does that?? Who makes up a whole alliance & lie about it??"

Stay tuned...