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Monday, August 11, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

Happy Monday, everybody! :-D I finally got caught up this morning by watching Sunday's episode (on because golf delayed the airing of the show and my DVR didn't tape anything but the first 10 mins. Grr. And I watched the Housecalls episode of Jessie & Evel Dick (from Season 8)..that was interesting. lol He made himself sound so dumb and Evel Dick & the host Gretchen were getting irritated because he wasn't answering questions & when he did, he wasn't making sense. Check it on on when you get the chance, it's worth the watch!

Okay, now for the Overnight Report! :-D

Last night, Keesha/Renny/Dan/Memphis were in the Spa Room. They all started to make fun of Dan's hair and how bad he is in need of a haircut. Renny offered to cut his hair for him last week when she was doing Memphis & Jessie's hair, but he declined.

Renny offered him last night for a haircut and he said that he would sometime this week.

Renny: "Well you better hurry up!!" (everyone laughs)

Then they all start goofing around and trying to see who could make
the best "Ugliest Face" (it was entertaining, to say the least. lol)

Then Renny had the idea to make herself look like a "midget" and she went & got her props, Memphis gave her his shoes to wear on her knees, and this was the final product:

Keesha was laughing so hard that I thought she was going to piss her pants! LOL

Renny went up to the HOH where Michelle & April were taking a bubble bath (and Jerry was in there too..creepy!) and Renny put on another show for them. Meanwhile, Memphis & Dan went outside to the backyard couch and started to talk about game play:

Dan: "I think it's too much of a risk at this point to throw an HOH."

Memphis: "Dude, I don't know. We have to get rid of one of those two. We HAVE to. A good scenario for us would be April goes, Ollie stays, and we can get rid of Jerry. Because then, Ollie will have no choice but to go with us."

Dan: "Right."

Memphis: "Because if Jerry stays in this game, vote wise, we're fucked."

Memphis goes on to say that he can't trust Jerry at ALL because every time he (Memphis) talks shit on someone, Jerry goes to that person and tells them about it and that Jerry is set in his ways and he won't ever change.

Memphis: "We just have to win these two next HOH's: Me, you (Dan), Renny, or Keesha. Then we can get Jerry & April out. And then it's a whole new fucking game at that point."

Memphis brings up the fantasy that most of us be able to see Ollie & April on the block together! lol He said that they would just explode on each other because they'd both campaign to stay in the house and that April would go regardless. Jerry walked out to get laundry and they change the subject to Memphis' girlfriend Ashley (he misses her, alot!).

Waving to the camera, Memphis has a message for his girlfriend Ashley:

Memphis: "Ashley, if you're watching, I love youuuu! See you soon!...a few more weeks. 6 weeks." (him & Dan laugh)

**Ashley, you're a lucky gal!! ;-)

Libra has isolated herself all day & night and has been in bed. Keesha goes in and talks to her saying that she feels really bad for Libra.

Libra: "Keesha, we've all said things that we didn't mean, and it's just a game. Last night, it was just crazy. This game hadn't got to me until you said you didn't want to talk to me anymore." (she starts crying)

Libra says that she had to talk to the BB house psychiatrist after that comment that Keesha made.

Libra tells Keesha that if she gets to the end of the game, she has her vote..100%!

Keesha & Libra talked, with Renny (seemingly) sleeping in the room, for about an hour.

And this concludes your Overnight Report! :-D

Let me fire up the feeds and see what the HG's are up to. ;-)

Stay tuned...