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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Good evening everyone!! I had to (unexpectedly) take the afternoon off and I apologize for not having the time to let ya'll know up front, but sometimes real life just happens no matter what's on your agenda.

Here's a catch up of what happened in the afternoon (nothing much at all, to be honest.)

The HG's spent much of the afternoon talking about the fight last night and how alcohol had a major part of it all.

It stills looks as if Libra will be the one going home & "the other" alliance (Ollie/April/Michelle/Jerry) have told Libra separately that she is indeed going home.

Ollie offered April a "way out" from playing the game together, April says no and to play the game together because they benefit each other (at least at this point.)

Jerry still wants Dan out (shocker, I know.)

Evening in the BB House:

April/Ollie/Michelle are in the Spa Room talking.

April thinks that there are "bigger things happening" in the house that they don't know about because Julie hasn't asked anything about April/Ollie's "showmance" and that for them not to ask them any questions, that must mean that there's other things in the house that are more important. (Nope, America just doesn't care about ya'lls showmance. lol)

They're now talking about Libra. Apparently, Libra went into the D.R. and asked them to go home now, she wants to volunteer to leave the house prior to eviction, she's had enough and "misses her kids."

Jerry interrupts their convo and tells them about a game everyone wants to play outside:

Jerry: "You need to think of 4 things about the house, it can be anything in writing, an object, a room it's in, or anything else."
April: "I'm not observant."

(The game never happens.)

April is busy checking herself out in every mirror that she see within eye sight.

Jerry plays pool by himself outside.

Memphis & Keesha are now in the Spa Room talking:
Keesha tells Memphis on how she told April that she doesn't like her and nothing will change that. She just doesn't like her and never will.

Keesha/Renny/Michelle in the Spa Room:
They're whisper-talking about Dan being America's Player and that Libra & him talked for an hour alone today. Memphis told Keesha (earlier) that maybe he was just trying to get her jury house vote.

They're now giving examples of when he acted weird and saying "Oh ya, he's America's Player!" (things that had nothing to do with his week as A.P.)

Still talking about Dan being the A.P. lol

Memphis comes in and puts his nipple up against the glass on the sauna. lol

Memphis: "Hey! What are you fuckers doin'?"
Keesha: "Nothinnng."

Dan comes in right after Memphis and asks Michelle to use the HOH bathroom (he does this several times a day, all season long. He has a phobia about using a "public" bathroom). Michelle says he can use it.

Michelle: (thinking he's A.P.) "Hey Dan, how much money do you make each time you use the HOH bathroom? I want half [of the money]!!"

Dan leaves laughing and up to the HOH room he goes. Michelle/Keesha/Memphis are now talking about how Dan is the A.P. and how often Dan looks in the mirrors/cameras and smiles for no reason.

Dan returns from the HOH bathroom and joins the clan in the Spa Room.

Keesha: "Cha-Ching!!" (referring to him making money)

Renny joins them in the Spa Room and they all talk about how Keesha broke-down yesterday, walking around the backyard with an empty wine glass crying and screaming "I'm a crazy person on a reality tv show!! Fuck the money! I want out!"

Memphis does his impression...

Keesha makes fun of herself crying...

Renny does her impression of Keesha crying...

And then Renny did an impression of Michelle going ape-shit and throwing every pillow possible off of the HOH landing and screaming at the top of her lungs during the huge fight the other night:

Keesha is now talking about how CRAZY "their season" has been so far, and it's only been a month! (Yeppp!! lol)

I'm done for the night (it's after 2am EST), so I'll be back in the morning with the Overnight Report! :-D

Stay tuned...