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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

Boy, oh boy, do I have an Overnight Report for you guys & gals today!!!

Last night, the house was in an uproar and I'll start at the beginning:

The HG's got their feast of lobster, steak, beer, and wine.

They all splurged (and even weighed themselves afterwards to see who gained the most weight from dinner. Memphis won with a gain of over 5 lbs. lol)

Ollie & Libra hashed things out (he called her a "ho" about an hour after the live show ended on Thursday). They hug it out and Libra says she knows she's going home, she misses her kids, etc etc. She then starts to throw Keesha "under the bus" and trash talks her to Ollie for a bit. Ollie tells Libra that Keesha will go home next week if any of "them" win HOH.

Jerry & Dan hashed things out as well and hugged it out, too.

Next up, Keesha & April.
They were in the Spa Room and switching back and forth from talking to yelling, to sharing a beer, and back to more yelling & tears.

They both bash Libra and seem to find a common ground with the Libra hating and both expose everything Libra has said/done in the game. (ex: Libra expressing to the original "7" to get Steven out.) Keesha tells April that Libra "played" her HOH as if it was hers and she can't believe she didn't see that at the time.

April tells a lot of lies & feeds her a ton of bullshit during their fighting and denies alot of things that she has said or that others have told Keesha that April has said or planned to do.

They then talk/argue/hash it all out, and then end it with a hug. (Keesha still hates April though, keep reading. lol)

Michelle & Dan talked for a quick minute and said that if Jerry uses the POV, Dan will go up and she (Michelle) doesn't wanna see that happen.

Next up, we have a HUGE fight between Keesha/Libra/Michelle. They call Libra out for telling lies.

Michelle: "You called me a Two-Headed snake because I was with Jessie!"

This goes on & on.

Keesha leaves the room, Michelle & Keesha then have a verbal fight. Keesha is breaking down at this point and has had enough of everything (the house, the game, the HG's, the stress..everything.) Keesha is yelling about how April is the one who will do shit and then lie to peoples faces about it all.

Michelle finishes the night off by confronting April & Ollie (Libra was there by chance.) Michelle blames them (April/Ollie) for Jessie being gone! (WOW!!!)

Could this mean that if Jerry uses the POV that Michelle will put up April??? Hmmm!!! We shall see!

And this, ladies & gents, concludes your (very long) Overnight Report!!

Phewww! :-P

Stay tuned...