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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Overnight Report

Good morning, BB10 blog fans!! I just rolled out of bed, so let me get the coffee brewing and I'll be right back with the Overnight Report! ;-)

Okay, I reported everything up until 11:30pm BBT, so I'll pick up from there.

Backyard Couch:

They all got on the topic of douches, after Dan had told Memphis he looks like Spencer from "The Hills", and Memphis replied "That douchebag?"

Dan seriously did not know what a douche was and it was hilarious watching them all try to explain it to him. lol

Dan: "Is it a sponge?"
Keesha: "No, you squirt it up there.."
Dan: "To cleanse and get rid of something?"
Renny: "Oh my god, Dan."
Dan: ""Is it chemicals or water based? Where do you buy it? Does it actually say douche on the box?"

Memphis was cracking up!!! I don't think I've seen him laugh *that* hard before.

Meanwhile, Ollie & Jerry are inside the house and Ollie starts to say some pretty nasty things again, this time it was about Memphis:

Ollie: "I think he's an undercover fag! He knows about designers and shit."

(The camera immediately switched back to the outside camera.)

A couple hours later, Ollie & Jerry moved to the backyard since everyone else had left at that point to go to bed.

They start more trash talking when Keesha went outside to check on Renny's clothes for her.

Jerry: "Do you have laundry over there?"
Keesha: "Renny does but she's sleeping. And it's taking forever.

(Keesha walks back inside the house.)

Jerry: "She's checking Renny's laundry because she's asleep? G-dd-mn fucking idiot."
Ollie: "Does she think she's smart?"
Jerry: "She's a tramp. With the noises that come out of her mouth, she's a tramp."
Ollie: "She's an alcoholic."
Jerry: "Don't take much to get her there."
Ollie: "Half a glass of wine.
Jerry: "She doesn't eat shit because she's so afraid of getitng fat."
Ollie: "She's getting fat!"
Jerry: "Her ass is beginning to sag."
Ollie: "She's just laying around and eating."
Jerry: "She runs to that f-cking scale all day long."
Ollie: "Hooters will make her want to get her on the treadmill."
Jerry: "Her ass is sagging."
Jerry: "She'd cry if I called her a hasbeen."
Ollie: "She was talking how much she loved you last week, now she hates your guts."

(Is anyone else fed up of all the truly distasteful & hateful remarks these two have been saying lately?)

All houseguests were in bed & sleeping around 4am BBT.

And this concludes your Overnight Report!

Stay tuned...