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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Morning in the BB house: (pics)

All the HG's are up for the day. BB woke them up just a little bit ago.

Backyard Couch:

They are all focused on a bird in the yard.

It's been sitting there for a while now. Renny starts wonder if it's her mother (her nickname was "Birdie".)

Renny: "Birdie? Is that you?"
Keesha: "All these months and not 1 bird has ever landed in this yard. And now this one won't go away."

Dan just went near it and it flew to the top of the backyard set. Renny is calling it back down & whistling to it.

10:10am BBT:
Michelle joins the outside and all is silent for a very long time. Awkard silence. Keesha and Michelle are now making lite-chatter.

Jerry & Ollie are laying down in their beds still.

80's Room:

They are all talking about Dan. They say he's a weasel, Michelle says he's America's weasel. Jerry say he even looks like one & Ollie agrees. Michelle does an impression of what Dan looks like.

Jerry: "We might as well just stay in here, than go out there and take all their abuse."

(Abuse??? What the hell are you talking about Jerry?"

10:35am BBT:
Backyard Couch:

Keesha mentions how Michelle was telling her that it would be in their best interest to keep her this week.

Dan: "If Michelle offers me something to be the tie breaker I'll tell Jerry and see what he can offer me that would be better."
Memphis: "But would he stick to it? I could tell Jerry that Michelle offered to put up Ollie if he stays."
Renny: "I don't think he would do it."
Memphis: "He would be an idoit if he did."
Renny: "He is still sitting on his gold bars.."
Dan: "It'd be 3 vs 2 in the HoH comp. You know it's not endurance. Probably a mental comp."

Updated @ 11:35am BBT:
Small talk throughout the house. Nothing of importance.

Stay tuned...