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Monday, August 25, 2008

Evening in the BB House:

Hey everyone!! I'm soooo sorry for leaving my posting without any warning, I had MAJORRRRR computer problems and I just now was able to get back online. Arghhh!

Updated @ 9:05pm BBT:
Okay, there was a whole lot of silence during the time my computer went bonkers. The only thing worth mentioning is that Michelle & Ollie truly think that Dan is a "plant" in the house (Americas Player). They started to come up with all kinds of crazy theroies...that all of Dan's pictures in the HOH are fake, that his girlfriend Monica was with him during sequester before BB started, and even that BB told him he can't win the money so to make the show more interesting (like today) and he'll get America's Choice at the end of the show (plus he'll have his money being America's Player and his weekly pay of $750/week.)

Currently on the feeds @ 9:08pm BBT:

Dan & Memphis are in the kitchen doing dishes:

Keesha & Renny are outside on the backyard couch talking.

They're talking about how it'll be good to stick with Memphis & Dan until the Final 4, then it's anybodys game at that point. Renny agreed.

9:20pm BBT:
Memphis & Dan join.

Dan mentions how Michelle just asked him if they can talk tonight in the HOH room and Dan said yes but he really doesn't want to. Renny tells him "then don't!" and Dan says he already told her he would.

Ironically, Renny just said she wish it was Double Eviction week. (Be careful of what you wish for, Renny Rooo!)

9:28pm BBT:
Dan just told Michelle that he's exhausted & done "talking" for the night, it'll have to be tomorrow. He rejoins Memphis & Renny outside. Keesha just walked inside with a towel wrapped around her.

9:30pm BBT:
Dan wants to wait to tell everyone that Michelle is going home because he wants to talk with Jerry tomorrow & try to get Jerry's $4,000 in exchange for his safety (he'll split between Memphis/Renney/Keesha and himself if he gets it.)

Michelle & Jerry are whisper-talking in the 80's room. Michelle says she hopes there's a twist that will keep her in the game or bring her back in. Jerry says that he thinks BB "got on him" about tearing up the house.

Michelle: "If that was me (throwing everything), I would have been thrown out."

9:39pm BBT:

Michelle: (looking at the camera) "You want good tv?"
She's talking in an innocent voice & with a devious look on her face.

9:48pm BBT:
All 4 feeds on Dan/Renny/Memphis outside on the backyard couch. They're talking about non-game related stuff (life outside the house) and having some laughs. :)

I'm also watching BB: After Dark on Showtime and they cut to other cams in the house from time to time. Jerry & Ollie were in the 80's room. Jerry told Ollie that there's no reason for him (Jerry) to get upset at things he can't change. Ollie said that was "wise advice" and he left the room with food & drink in hand and headed to the kitchen.

9:51pm BBT:
BB calls Ollie to the Diary Room.

Renny: "They've been calling him in there every 10 minutes!"
Memphis: "Gee, I wonder why." (laughing)
*Keesha rejoins them*
Keesha: "Dude, they need to tell him to clean all that shit up. He did it! I'm not cleaning it up!"

9:54pm BBT:
Michelle is in the Spa Room alone. She's wiping tears away from her eyes.

10:13pm BBT:
Michelle & Ollie are in the living room on seperate couches. Michelle thinks that America loves her like we did with Alex and that if we had the chance, we'd "right the wrong" and vote her back in.

Keesha/Memphis are still on the backyard couch. Memphis is talking about the Final 3 comps and how that all works out to Keesha (she wasn't sure how all of that works.)

Memphis: "It's crazy that we're still here. Espeically me with all the times that I should have went home. But I'm SO READY to get out, though." (laughs)

10:28pm BBT:
Renny is about to take a shower, Memphis & Keesha are talking about random topics, Ollie & Michelle are still in the living room doing a little Dan bashing and trying to figure things out.

10:35pm BBT:
Keesha/Memphis are still in the backyard talking.

Keesha: "For Ollie to say that he wanted to put up Michelle, they sure are being buddy-buddy!"
Memphis: "Ya I know. I wish I could tell [Michelle] that Ollie wanted her up...just to get a laugh out of it." (laughs)
Memphis: "Can we just please fast forward a couple weeks? *sigh* Actually, this week went by fast. It's almost Tuesday already."
Keesha: "Ya, it DID go by fast this week."

They're now talking about this weeks HOH comp. They think it will be a Question/Answer comp. They go over all the facts that BB has been saying over the loud speaker all season long. Memphis seems to know them all very well.

Keesha: "I think it'll be a comp where anybody can win it. Ya know? Like 'Which HG said..blah blah blah.'"

Memphis: "They already did that, though."

10:46pm BBT:
Renny joins them after just having her shower.

BB asked all of them (before the show started) a bunch of very personal questions. One of them was "What is your favorite sexual position."

Keesha: "Renny, did you answer that one?"
Renny: "Ya. And it wasn't the missionary position, I can tell ya that!"

They both laugh. lol

Memphis: "You smell GOOD, Renny!! You smell like a fresh shower."

Memphis yells to his girlfriend Ashley to "take a week off [from work], babe!" after the show is over. He needs a vacation. lol

11:21pm BBT:
BB has only been showing the backyard couch. Currently Keesha/Dan/Renny/Memphis are out there talking about movies & actors.

I'm going to stop posting for the night since I've been blogging for about 14 hours now and I'm beat! :-P I'll be back in the morning! See ya then! ;-)

Stay tuned...