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Monday, August 25, 2008

MAJOR drama in the house!!! (Ollie is destroying the house!)

HOH Room:

All talk stops in the HOH room when Dan sees Ollie throwing a huge lollipop in the house:

Dan: "WHOOOAAA!!! He just threw that lollipop!"
Memphis: "Those things are heavy! He could break a window or something."
Dan: "Watch, production is gonna call him in..he's not allowed to do stuff like that."

Ollie goes into the backyard and starts kicking pillows.

BB: "Ollie, please go to the Diary Room."

Ollie: "FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I ain't fucking goin!!"
(He continues to pace back and forth..clearly pissed off.)

Feeds switch to the HOH Room...

Keesha: "He's not going in!! Oh, they're talking to him on the loud speaker.."

***In all seriousness, I can honestly see Ollie getting evicted today by production. He's acting in a threatening manner which is a HUGE no-no.

The live feeds are NUTS right now!!!

Ollie is punching pictures, breaking lights, throwing the HG's keys..he's destroying the house!!!

Memphis: "He better stay the fuck away from me. Seriously."
Dan: "Dude, they're gonna kick his ass outta here!"
Keesha: "He signed up for this!"

2:42pm BBT:
HOH Room:

Big Brother isn't allowing us feed viewers to watch Ollie, but they keep showing the spy screen once in a while that is in the HOH room. Renny went downstairs and picked her key off of the floor and put it back in the slot. I'm not sure what Ollie is doing or where he is. Memphis is worried that Ollie is going to throw all of their clothes all over the place.

Memphis: "He better not fuckin' touch my shit!"
Keesha: "It might get physical in here!"
Memphis: "If he touches my shit, it will!"

2:58pm BBT:
60's Room

Keesha is calming Renny down and telling her to not damage her game (and essentially Keesha's game since they are playing the game together.)

3:06pm BBT:
I have no idea where Ollie is or what happened to him. Nobody has said anything and I have not seen him on the feeds for about 20 mins now.

Feeds are on Keesha/Renny on the backyard couch, and Dan/Memphis chilling poolside. They're all taking a much needed break from the madness.

3:20pm BBT:
All feeds on Dan swimming in the pool.

Still no signs of Ollie. In Season 4, someone did something similar and went into the Diary Room and never came back out. I'm not saying that happened to Ollie (so don't go around starting rumors just yet! lol) but I wouldn't be surprised if that happens to Ollie as well.

I didn't see this at the time, but Ollie was throwing 2 chairs that belong in the living room and Memphis just picked them up a little bit ago.

3:40pm BBT:
Still nothing happening on the feeds. It's calm (and weird!) No sign or mention of Ollie yet. Keesha & Memphis are outside chit-chatting about food and Dan is in the kitchen making something to eat. No idea where everybody else is (the camera men haven't shown them in long time.) The last I saw of Jerry, he was laying down in the Spa Room.

3:44pm BBT:
Renny/Memphis/Dan are in the kitchen (no game-related conversation is happening). Keesha is stil outside on a lounger.

Michelle is out on the backyard couch now.

3:48pm BBT: Dan & Memphis are at the kitchen counter eating. Michelle just walked in and slammed the patio door and went into the bathroom. Renny is in her room folding clothes, Jerry is laying down in the Spa Room still. (Thank you BB camera men for finally showing everyone's status. :) ) Now..where the hell is Ollie??!! lol

3:50pm BBT:
WE HAVE A VISUAL ON OLLIE!!! He's still in game (I'm surprised!!!!!!)

Michelle & Ollie are talking about game and how Michelle can save herself.

4:31pm BBT:
Ollie is in the kitchen, Michelle is on the backyard couch, Keesha is still on the lounger, Dan is up in the HOH listening to his CD and holding a big picture of him & Monica. Not a single word has been said in a VERY long time!

4:35pm BBT
60's Room

Michelle tried to get Memphis's vote. She tried to get in his head and questioned why Dan did this/that/the other thing.

Michelle: "Why do you think he did all of that?"
Memphis: "I don't know why he did half the shit he did this week."
Michelle then offers him safety next week if she wins HOH if Memphis will keep her in the house.

Memphis: "I dunno, I'll think about it." (Memphis turns over and faces away from Michelle.)

Michelle left and told Ollie that she just talked to Memphis and the look on her face says it all:

Ollie moves outside to the backyard couch and Michelle follows. Michelle tells Ollie her very short convo with Memphis but she exaggerated alot. They're now getting themselves all worked up again.

4:50pm BBT:
Michelle is still getting angry by the minute..and Ollie adding fuel to the fire by agreeing with everything.

I have a feeling the live feeds are gonna CRAZYYYYY again tonight...ESPECIALLY if BB is crazy enough to give them booze (Michelle usually drinks most of the wine herself and gets drunk.)

5:18pm BBT:
The feeds have been on fishies for a little while now. Wonder if BB is having a talk with them or something. Weird!!

5:20pm BBT:
Feeds are back!! All 4 camera's are on Dan is laying down (not sleeping, just resting & thinking.)

5:35pm BBT:
HOH Room

Renny is telling Dan that the past is in the past and that they (as an alliance of 4) have to move on and stay strong. Dan agrees.

Renny: "The game is gonna change alot. Depending on who wins HOH, POV.."
Dan: "What did Michelle say when she tried to get your vote?"
Renny: "She started to approach me and I told her that it was bad timing."
Dan: "Ollie told me that I took his manhood away. I told him it's just a game!..ya know? Then he started to say that he thinks the picture of Monica & I is fake..he said my neck isn't that big in real life. Whatever."

Stay tuned...