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Monday, August 25, 2008

POV Ceremony: (spoiler)

The feeds are BACK!!!! (Wow, that was quick!)

Ollie is going OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Memphis is going off!!!

The Re-Nom is:


Ollie: "Suck my motherfuckin' dick, faggot!!!!" (to Memphis)
Memphis: (yelling) "Watch your fuckin' mouth!!"

Ollie tried to call out Dan by telling everybody their deal, but they told Ollie that they already knew (which further upset Ollie).

1:12pm BBT:
Ollie & Dan are in the HOH room alone (I hope they have security on stand-by! lol)

Dan: "It's a game. That's all I can say."

(There is SOOOOOOOOOOO much going on, it's literally impossible to keep up with it all, but I'm trying my best to hear every convo, type, take screencaps, and post it ASAP!)

Renny is planning to go off tonight (OMG the whole day & night is gonna be INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Renny: "There's the colonel running his mouth! I haven't unleashed yet..that'll be tonight."

Michelle is PISSED!! She's telling the camera men to back off:

Michelle: "Don't fucking put the fucking cameras on me, you stupid motherfuckers!"

(Sorry, my computer totally bombed on me. Perfect timing, aye??!!! GRR!!!!!)

1:54pm BBT:
HOH Room

Renny is PISSED at Dan and she's yelling at him.

Renny: "Why did you tell Ollie that I want him out?"

(If you're confused, join the club! lol)

Dan says "do you trust me or Ollie?"
Keesha interrupts and says either you believe Dan or not.

Renny says maybe she needs to talk to Ollie.

Keesha: "Renny is saying 'they' were saying that they wanted me out and you make it sound like they wanted [Renny] out, like why would you protect me. I dont even think you said that."

Dan: "I had to do some shady things this week."

Renny: "Would you quit saying "trust you"!!!!! The point is I'm not gonna make something smoothed over and you're gonna say you didnt do it. You were pointing the arrow at me. This is my cripe - dont play me and make me look like a fool the whole time you saying trust me."

Dan: "Tell me what was said."

Renny: "No, you have to go over some of the things you said."

Dan: "Well I apologize - my purpose this week was to protect the people in this room (Memphis/Keesha/Renny)."

Renny: "Do you honestly think that was all necessary?" (all that "you say this persons name" bullshit.)

Dan: "The last thing I wanted was to upset any of you. If I upset you, Im sorry."

Renny: "Well Im gonna vent my feelings."

Dan: "Renny, you got out one of the best players last week."

Renny: "The boyfriend [Ollie] is down there and he wants keesha out...if [April] stayed in the game she would have gone after me and Keesha."

Dan: "If i made you feel unsafe, Im' sorry - I never wanted to do that

Renny: "How should I feel??"

Dan: "Like I said Renny, alot of stuff was said and I wanted to prove to you by not messing with the nominations."

Keesha: "How was Michelle acting towards you?"

Renny: "Are you gonna worry about those people right now?"

Keesha: "I think she's going to be calm until she's done trying to get votes. THEN she's gonna flip out."

They all start talking about the plan to get Jerry's money & tell him that they will save him this week and to join them.

Stay tuned....