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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Overnight Report

Good morning, everyone! Hope ya'll are doing well this fine morning. I'm feeling a little under the weather (have been for a few days) so let me make some tea and pop a cough drop in my mouth and I'll be back with the Overnight Report!

Nothing major (or even minor) happened last night. Just a bunch of random convos, laughter, and goofing around.

April will be going home and she has accepted it, even though Ollie has told not to. She is done with hiding their romance from the other HG's so she tried to make out with Ollie in the hot tub last night, but Ollie isn't one for public displays of affection.

On the topic of April & Ollie...

Memphis: "It's weird how much time Ollie spends with April. Not normal. Every sec of every day. How is he going to handle it when April leaves?"

Well Memphis, we'll find out in a couple more days! ;-)

Memphis & Keesha kicked around some previous convos..or should I say, repeated them. Memphis tells her that he wants Jerry gone, Keesha is scared that Michelle will win HOH, blah blah. If you've been reading this blog for a week, then you've already heard all of the conversations.

On a funnier note..or maybe not?..Memphis said that if Jerry gets on slop again this week, BB is gonna have to hook him up to a heart monitor and run an IV for him. I agree. Poor guy has been on slop for what..4 or 5 weeks now? I lost count. lol

Shortly after 9pm last night, Renny/Memphis/Dan/Keesha/Michelle were up in the HOH room talking about misc. topics. Renny got on the subject of Jerry and how bad his breath "was rockin!" the other day. During her little rant, Renny accidentally farted and everyone started to laugh. Renny, laughing her butt off as well, kept apologizing and that it was an accident. She was clearly embarrassed by it.

There was more talk about that infamous spot on the Memory Wall that has a key slot under it when Memphis/Keesha/Dan/Renny were fooling around with Jerry's pic on the wall (Renny put Crest White Strips all over it and gave him eyebrows. lol)

Jerry caught her in the act:

Jerry: "I guess you all think you're good lookin'!"

Keesha couldn't control herself & Memphis and her were both laughing uncontrollably. Renny actually peed herself from laughing so damn hard & had to go freshen up. lol

Eventually everyone made their way to bed, but Dan stayed up and had a convo with Memphis:

Dan "I'm going to Renny and be like Ollie, (repeats himself after looking directly into a mirror) I am going to Renny and be like 'Ollie told me everything'. You know what I mean, (intelligible)"

Memphis: "Of course."

Dan "I'm thinking someone can do that to me and you."

Dan "It wont happen this week. it'll be two or three weeks down the road."

[Long pause...]

Memphis: "Its all good, I think we're allll good. We're gonna have to win [HOH] on Thursday."

Dan: "Yeah." (and nods.)

And this concludes your Overnight Report. ;-)

Stay tuned...