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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Morning in the BB house: (pics)

**Reminder: Catch tonight's Big Brother episode on CBS at 9pm/EST! It's the POV Comp & Veto Ceremony episode.

"Houseguests, it's time to wake up for the day!"

The HG's were just woken up by music, as they are everyday.

Everyone is doing their normal morning routines:

Keesha: (yelling) "Good morning, Memphis!!"

Memphis/Keesha go outside and enjoy their coffee:

Renny is making her HOH bed.

Jerry joins Memphis/Keesha outside. Very little conversation is taking place at the moment.

Dan tells everyone there's gonna be a pool party later and to bring their sunscreen and floaties.."its gonna be a whale of a time!" lol

April is doing her hair & makeup for the day.

Backyard Couch: Keesha/Ollie/Michelle
Talk is about movies.

Talk turns to divorces. Jerry & Keesha think it's wrong that a man has to give 50% of everything to the woman during a divorce. Renny is all for it though.

Jerry: "So you think it's okay to take a man's future?"
Keesha: "I don't think it's right!"
Renny: "I do!"

They talk some more and Keesha goes in the house (coffee refill, perhaps?)

Dan is alone in the pool. Renny & Jerry remain on the couch.
Renny asks Ollie if he'll be doing Swim Class (with Dan as the teacher) today.

Ollie: "Naw. I won't be going into the pool today."

Renny & Keesha start talking about April:

Renny: "She thought she would make it to the end. Not with this chickie choo!"

Renny says she's tired of April's attitude and needs a good laugh.

Renny: "I cant wait to go to the diary room. I need some laughter. Thats the best medicine. She has such an attitude."

Keesha: She can kiss my ass."

Keesha: "Let's go upstairs, I have to talk to you."

*They both head up to the HOH room.*

Keesha (to Renny): "I have something to tell you and you gotta promise not to tell anyone."

Renny: "Okay."

Keesha: "Memphis said he can't trust you anymore because of your nominations this week. He thinks you would put him up over Ollie. So now he wants the Final 4 to be [Keesha]/Memphis/Michelle/Dan. He replaced you with Michelle. I think those 2 have something together. And if I win HOH, I'm not going to put up who everybody thinks I will."

(she's hinting towards Memphis/Michelle being nominated).

They talk about how Memphis isn't a threat right now and he wouldn't put Keesha/Renny up this week and probably not even next week, but that Memphis HAS to go. He's too big of a threat. And Michelle & Memphis are both huge threats when it comes to physical comps. But Keesha says to keep him around right now because she knows Memphis is using her and that's fine, she'll use him right back..but she'll be the one to catch HIM off guard by nominating him before he can do it to her and catch him by surprise. It's the only way to get him out without him knowing he's a target (by Renny & Keesha).

Dan comes up to the HOH, he asks if they wanna go swimming, then talk turns to to game talk.

Keesha: "What do you think of Michelle & Memphis?"
Dan: "You gotta ask yourself, do they have something together? I personally don't know."

Stay tuned...