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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House: (pics)

The live feeds are VERY MUCH ALIVE today!!! There's so many convos going on, it's impossible to keep up with them all. It's one thing to read what's going on, but it's completely different to watch & hear it!! Get the feeds!!

Renny & Michelle are talking about Jerry and they both want him out ASAP.

Michelle: "I feel like I'm on the outside of a big group of four."

Michelle tells Renny that Jerry is going around saying that he feels safe in the house.

They end their session in a hug and go outside.

Backyard Couch:

Ollie: "I'm a wildcard. I'm a wildcard. And I can screw [the whole game] up. And that's what I plan to do."

*You mean you're actually gonna start playing the game???? About f'ing time!!!

Ollie telling/manipulating/using April to start shit with Jerry before she leaves.

Ollie: "Whatta got to lose? Nothing."

He wants her to call Jerry out on lies & things of that nature.

HOH Room:

Keesha: "The colonel doesn't act like that with me (like he is safe!). He
is always saying I'll be eating slop next week or a steak."
Michelle: "Saying...that isn't how he is with me...He is feeling safe. And he
isn't talking to me."
Renny: "Well I'm telling you your safe with me."
Michelle: "Well for him going around and telling everyone he is safe..he knows he is safe. He should be asking for votes, shouldn't he?"
Keesha: "Well, when Jessie was here, I was reassuring him he was safe."
Michelle: "But you weren't thinking you were safe when you were on the block last week."
Keesha: "I was a nervous wreck."
Michelle: Well obv someone has to be telling him somehting!
Renny: "Well who?"
Michelle: "I don't know!"

Keesha: "The only thing he said to me is, if you decide to keep me, I sure would appreciate it."
Michelle: "Seems like you two get along good."
Keesha: "I do get along with him...."
Michelle: "I think he is telling a lot of make everyone crazy ."

(It's Michelle that is the one doing this!)

Michelle: "Because last week....he was telling me he wanted YOU out."
Keesha: "I never once said I wanted you out."
Michelle: "This is what I'm trying to tell you...."

(For the record, Renny & Keesha knows that Michelle is lying.)

Keesha: "I don't really care what he says."
Renny: "Jerry is losing it."
Michelle: "He is..and he is getting caught up w/his own lies
Renny: "Where is he, he is prob outside telling all them he's with them...and telling lies."

(Renny is just going with Michelle..but her & Keesha know she is the story teller.)

Michelle: "I asked mem if he ever said "YOU'RE not listening!!!" If he ever says that to me!!"

The convo switches to how Jerry looks down on women.

Michelle: "He said, next week he wants to stay on slop...Not even, can I get a vote this week? He just wants to be on slop next he is staying."

Michelle: "April already knows she is leaving. I Heard her and Ollie talking..and she was wondering what ?'s Julie would ask her, and what outfit she is wearing...She hasn't even asked me for a I don't know."

Now Renny is asking Michell what she thinks Ollie will do if he wins HOH this week.

Michelle: "I don't know. When I sit in bed, they don't talk about game or anything...they talk about themselves...their lives after here..they don't talk about stuff like that..then reiterates april talking about what she is wearing...
And she heard OLLIE saying" What? You offered dan the money?" So I don't know."

Renny (to Michelle): "Ok, LET ME TALK TO KEESHA RIGHT Now" (Pushed Michelle right out.)

Renny "I dont' trust that Memphis! Didn't you hear him...He is going to rip my
head off. He wants me out."
Keesha: "No, he likes you."
Renny "Listen, I know about [Michelle]...but those two together...."
Renny "He wants me out."
Renny "Listen...I've caught [Michelle] in so many lies. And she never talks about HIM!" (him=Memphis)

(Renny is freaking out because earlier up in the HOH room, Keesha told her that Memphis is Renny's replacement for the Final 4 plan.)

Renny "He wants to get rid of me, then eventually you (mem). He needs to watch himself. He shouldn't make enemies. He's gotta win HOH tho. Stuff like that bothers me. Like April...she's gotta go."
Keesha: "And she's trying (MI) to make april look all innocent!"
Renny "Oh I know."
Keesha: "I mean, don't give me a sob story.."
Renny "Those two have been in cahoots, for a long time."
Renny "See, I've been having her up here for a long time (MI) she doesn't realize that we know she has been caught in so many lies!"

Renny: "I just want you to know....that I'm just trying to get info with her...but she never, ever gives info."
Keesha: "I know, she's like Dan...can't get any info. It will be me and Memphis that Ollie puts up."
Renny: "I think it will be Dan & Memphis because he can get the pov. Because he wants Memphis gone. Who knows. But Ollie is a crucial vote at this point."

Jerry goes up to the HOH room.

Jerry: "You know I didn't offer April money."
Keesha: "I know you didn't."
Jerry: "I didn't break my word. I haven't talked to Dan about it or to Memphis, in any way. "
Keesha: "I don't care what I hear."
Jerry: "Michelle is playing both sides; she talks to us at night and up here during day. Her and Memphis are together; the strongest alliance is those two. I think Dan is in it with Memphis but not Michelle. "
Keesha: "Michelle said that you came up here last week when she was HOH that everything was my idea, not Libra's."
Jerry: "That's bullshit."
Keesha: "I know I'm talked about, I'm not stupid."
Jerry: "I am talking about hardcore shit. I've not gone behind anyones back. This is the first time I've said anything about it. I'm surprised Ollie hasnt even started playing the game...I guess that's his business. I'm not talking to anyone...who the hell am I talking to? I'm the lone ranger around here. Anything I say, I say to their faces."
Renny: "I like you Colonel."
Keesha: "I do, too."

Meanwhile, outside in the backyard, Michelle cornered Dan and flat out asked him if he'd vote out Jerry instead of April. She tells him that they just need 1 more vote and Dan said he doubts it, but never gave her a final answer. (I'd be VERY shocked if he did because it'd be stupid on his part. He finally just got back "trust" from Renny & Keesha).

UPDATED @ 2:49pm BBT:
Everyone is in the backyard, except Dan who is napping/chilling/thinking on the mini couch in the bathroom. Keesha is laying out with Renny by her side, Jerry is walking laps, Michelle is laying out by herself on a lounger. Memphis is on a seperate lounger as well doing a little sunbathing.

Renny: "All these people are a bunch of backstabbers."
Keesha: "Ollie is not as nice as he seems."

I'm taking a break from the feeds. If you're dying to know what's going on, you can always get your two week free trial and see for yourself! ;-)

Stay tuned...