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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Late Afternoon/Early Evening in the house:

Seems like the HG's took a break during the same time that I took a break to cook & eat dinner. I guess all that game talk really got them exhausted and they needed to refuel for round 2 later on today/tonight. lol

The only things that happened since my last post was that Renny dyed her hair:

..and Keesha calmed Jerry's fear of getting evicted this week.

Just to update ya'll on what's going on...
*Keesha/Renny are on to Michelle's constant lying.
*Michelle is trying to get Dan to vote to evict Jerry instead of April.
*Renny/Keesha/Dan/Jerry don't trust Memphis at all.
*Keesha is using Memphis, and Memphis is using Keesha (Keesha will get rid of him before he's on to her & shock the hell out of him.)
*April is still checking herself out in the mirrors every 3-5 mins as usual.
*Ollie still has no clue that he's in the Big Brother house.

Now that you're caught up, let's see what the HG's are up to now on the live feeds!!

Jerry & Keesha are still talking. They're chatting about everything under the sun. From how much Jerry misses his wife, to wondering how fans of the show will perceive them after all is said & done.

Keesha & Jerry's private talk is over. They both go & join Dan on the couch outside:

Their convo is about their dogs. Keesha misses hers alot. Jerry talks about how him & his wife rescued a poodble from the shelter that was scared & and in bad shape.

Updated @ 6:32pm BBT:
Dan & Jerry still talking about misc. topics. (Jerry's bypass surgery, politics, etc)

Updated @ 6:40pm BBT:
Michelle asked Ollie not to call her out if the plan of keeping April doesn't work out. Michelle doesn't want Ollie to go around telling the others that she was the mastermind behind the whole thing.

Updated @ 6:19pm BBT:
Ollie/April are running in the backyard, Michelle/Dan are cooking in the kitchen. Renny & Memphis are in the kitchen area as well.

Stay tuned...