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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Evening in the BB house: (pics)

The evening is bound to have some action in store..the HG's got alcohol!! :-D They all plan to play Hide N Seek later on.

Renny: "I never thought, in all my years, that I'd be so excited about playing Hide N Seek."

Here's a current look at the feeds:

Backyard Couch:
Keesha/Michelle (Memphis is in & out getting more beer).

Michelle & Memphis are doing a drinking contest (shots of beer). Keesha isn't drinking tonight due to her recent gain of a couple of pounds, she wants to watch her calorie intake.

Michelle is already buzzed (slightly slurred speech & talking about how much she loves alcohol. lol)

Spa Room:

April tells Ollie that besides him, out of everybody in the house she would give Memphis her vote because the rest are two-faced and just being nice to her for her jury vote. She said Memphis was never nice to her because he doesn't like her, and she respects that.

Now April is bitching about Michelle asking her to play Hide N Seek. (This girl will bitch about ANYTHING, I swear!)

Ollie said he can't stand being in the same house with everybody. He said he's going to throw all the comps, he doesn't care. He doesn't want to talk to anybody. He wants to tell Jerry he doesn't want to talk to him & to just "leave him alone".

April tells Ollie that she'll leave him her "gold bars" so that he can use them in the game.

April tells Ollie to team up with Memphis and Ollie said he'd rather get evicted than to team up with him.

Switch to...

Memphis asked Renny if she wanted the last beer, and Renny said no, he could have it. Memphis then decides to shotgun the beer:

Michelle seems to be enjoying her wine..maybe a little too much. lol

Time for Hide N Seek!!

Dan is on the search for the HG's (Jerry is in the backyard behind the pool supplies storage bench (aka "the jack shack" lol)

Dan found Michelle, so now Michelle is the "seeker".

Michelle, waiting for the others to hide, was playing around with the mellons in the Storage Room:

Michelle: "Do you like my mellons?"


I thought she found Jerry...

...but NOPE! She passed right by him! LOLLLL

This game is on-going (and I'm gonna take a break to enjoy watching it on the live feeds!!!!)

Okay, here's some screenshots of their Hide N Seek game (it was hilarious!!! lol)

Michelle wanted to play longer than 25 mins, but they ran out of hiding places.

So Dan just came up with the idea to play "Murderer".

Renny: "Sounds stupid."
Dan: "It's not, it's really fun!"
Memphis: "Dan, if this turns out to be stupid, I'm gonna be pissed that you wasted 10 minutes of my life."

(They all laugh at Memphis.)

They are now picking who is the "Murderer".
Jerry accidentally felt up Renny giving her a ball. LOL!!!!!

Okay ya'll, I'll be back in the morning!!!

Right now, the HG's are playing Musical Chairs. lol If you wanna watch them on the feeds, ya can..and its totally free for 2 weeks! (yup, totally free!)

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See ya tomorrow morning for the Overnight Report!!!! :-D

Stay tuned...