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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

Goooood Morning, BB10 blog fans!! :-D Grab your coffee (or tea!) and sit back & enjoy the Overnight Report!

Last night, the house was full of fun!!!

Everyone (except Ollie & April) played Musical Chairs.

...and the winner was..


Next up: The Foot Tug O' War!

Memphis tried to be the ref, but failed. lol

Afterwards, Michelle/Memphis got into trouble in the Diary Room because they could have got hurt on "sharp edges" when they were falling over the couch and when they fell towards the coffee table.

In the never ending Prank War in the house, Memphis turned Keesha's water bed temp up to 100 degrees without her knowing. lol

Memphis: "She will be SWEATING before the night is over!"

(The boys asked her as she went to bed "How hot do you like your bed?" and she said "Pretty warm." and she checked the temperture and was like "Oh my gosh..100 degrees??!?! It doesn't feel that warm!" Memphis & Dan never did tell her that they messed with her water bed temp. lol)

April & Ollie talked about how WHEN they will move in together. April demands she be his girlfriend before she moves in.

They then talked about marriage (mostly Ollie, surprisingly!)

It would have been more of a romantic moment if it wasn't for Dan & Michelle screaming at the top of their lungs & laughing in the other room. lol

Michelle kept talking in baby talk last night and it was rather annoying. She tends to talk in baby voice when she drinks alot.

April has finally accepted, 100%, her fate in the game. Michelle & Dan (apparently) told April that they're sorry but they can't help her stay in the game. So now she is only focused on spending every second she has left in the game, with Ollie. This is bad game play for Ollie because he won't start to actually play the game until the HOH comp tomorrow & the HG's all have noticed that he hasn't made a single move in the game thus far and it's way to late to just now start playing the game. If he wins HOH, then he'll be safe this week. Otherwise, I believe he will be on the block (no matter who wins HOH) and he can pack his bags and go cuddle with April some more in the jury house. ;-)

Renny & Keesha had a convo that has been overly talked about the past few days. Renny did her "She wont take you to the end, He wont take you to the end" speech to Keesha. Keesha agreed with a series of Mmm hmm's.

In the backyard, it was Memphis (who went inside a minute later)/Keesha/Renny/Jerry.

Jerry was saying that he asked to get off of slop (his energy is very low and he needs real food) but BB denied him and said he has until Thursday before he can get off of slop. Poor Jerry!!

Jerry said that April/Ollie told him that they know April is leaving (which he was happy to hear because that means he's safe this week) and that they just wanna enjoy the last "50 hours" together. Jerry tells the girls that he thinks April/Ollie are serious and that Ollie said he's moving to Phoenix to be with April and move in together.

Talk turned to going to the Jury House and how nice it must be to not have cameras following their every move and being able to drink more, and sleep more, and eat anything they more slop!

Jerry told Keesha that he hasn't heard April say anything negative about her and that he thinks "its done" (April bashing everybody). Renny went inside and Jerry & Keesha started to talk a little bit of game:

Keesha says that Ollie will put her up for sure (if he wins HOH) and Jerry disagreed. Jerry was very upfront with Keesha saying that he & Ollie will "be looking for a home" in the game and to "keep that in mind." (He's basically asking Keesha to be a part of her & Renny's alliance...though they don't have an official alliance at this point, just a strong friendship.) Keesha told Jerry "okay" and that she would keep that in mind.

And for those of you wondering if April & Ollie are still having sex, the answer is yes:

April: "We're totally, like, caught!" [on camera]
Ollie: "You think?"
April: "Are you kidding me? Nightvision cameras..."
Ollie: "Do you think 'they' know?" (the HG's)
April: "Oh, no! They have no clue."

April then tries to find her shirt..she finds a shirt and wonders if it's hers or not (It is, and she puts it on.)

Ollie slides down the bed to find his pants and he accidentally took the covers with him, semi-exposing a half naked April:

On the HG's agenda for the day: to film for the Craig Ferguson show again. That should happen around 4pm-5pm BBT.

Memphis: "What the hell are we gonna talk about? We're running out of shit to say on his show. In a few weeks, we're not gonna have nothing to else to say." (laughs)

Memphis/Renny/Keesha/Dan stayed up chatting in the kitchen until bed time. They talked about how they're gonna have to be weaned back into society after the show.

Keesha talks about her tolerance of alcohol is low...

Memphis: "Great..I'm gonna have to carry Keesha from bar to bar."

The HG's started to head to bed around 12:30am BBT to get rested up for another day in the BB house! Keesha/Dan/Memphis stayed up for awhile talking before finally falling asleep.

Today, Renny will get her HOH camera around 11am BBT (for 1 hour) and then she'll have 1 hour to write her blog entry (which will be posted on sometime in the next few days.)

And this concludes your Overnight Report! ;-)

Stay tuned...