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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Morning in the BB house: (pics)

It is currently 9:28am BBT and everyone is passed out.

Ollie got up at 6:43am BBT, cleaned the house a little bit, worked out, did some laundry, and then passed out in the Spa Room with pillows over his face at around 8:45am BBT and that's where he's been ever since.

Everyone else is still sleeping:

Updated @ 9:45am:
Feeds are on the fishies!! BB is waking up the HG's.

Everyone is up & doing their morning routines (getting coffee, making breakfast, etc.)

Backyard Couch:

Ollie told Keesha that Michelle is playing both sides that she is a huge threat in the game and everyone needs to team up and take her out and that "they" can use him as a number and talk to them to see what they think about getting Michelle out of the house.

Keesha: "I thought you and Michelle were really close?"
Ollie: "She is just trying to play my side for votes. She's covering her butt with everybody."

Memphis joins them outside.
Ollie goes inside shortly afterwards.

Memphis "I think [Ollie] is going to be a mess when [April] leaves because he is already acting [weird/sad] and shes not even gone yet. You never know he might be like "send me out next". I hope he wouldnt do that because he would look like an idiot on tv."

Keesha: "I dont think he would come out and say it, he would look like a complete ass to say it. I mean, gawwd, its not like hes not ever going to see her again! He will see her in a week and a half..I mean in a month and a half or sooner."

They then talk about getting out Michelle/Ollie/Jerry and who they should target first. It's a toss up at this point.

Memphis REALLY wants Jerry out and told Keesha that if Jerry doesn't win POV next week, then they should take advantage of it and get him out while they can. Talk switches to talking about Michelle and they compare conversations that don't match up (they're catching Michelle in more lies).

Jerry comes out and joins them, game talk ends.
Dan just got called to the Diary Room (he was napping in the Spa Room, BB had to wake him up twice.)

10:40am BBT:
Jerry goes inside.
Keesha & Memphis remain outside on the backyard couch.
Renny joins them.

Chat turns into fun chit-chat. (ex: what they're gonna buy when they leave the house.)

Ollie joins the group on the couch now.

11:09am BBT:
No game talk, just general chatter. Ollie is happy that BB woke them up with some Jay-Z (hip hop music).

Updated @ 12:29pm BBT:
No game talk, just general chatter about their lives outside the house.

**NOTE: The HG's aren't really that alive and haven't been for a couple of hours now. I'm gonna take this oppurtunity to get some rest as well (I'm still pretty sick). I'll be back on in about an hour or so (around 2pm BBT)!

Stay tuned...