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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House: (pics)

Good afternoon, everyone!!
The BB house was rather quiet this afternoon, nothing really happened worth noting.

Renny received her HOH camera and took several pics, here's a couple of them:

The HG's are currently on lockdown (started at 4pm BBT) and BB said it will be a lockdown until tomorrow...which means only one thing: They are building the set for an ENDURANCE COMP!!!!!! :-D This isn't 100% confirmed yet, but I would say the odds are pretty damn good!!!

There's nothing better than watching an endurance comp on the feeds, NOTHING!! It's so much fun to watch & hear all the game play. You can watch the 24/7 cams free for 2 weeks...not a single penny to spend! Just sign up for the live feeds by clicking here and you'll be granted FULL ACCESS and for FREE! :-D

Let me get back to the feeds and I'll be posting what's going on in just a few minutes. Hang tight! ;-)

Okay, as I was typing all the stuff above, apparently Ollie talked to Jerry and it's safe to say that Ollie has OFFICIALLY started to play the game!! I know, I know..I was in shock when I first heard too. lol ;-)

Ollie got in Jerry's ear and told him that "the other side" is trying to keep him [Ollie] from even talking to Jerry. (Which is not true.) Ollie then tells Jerry that "they" see them (and Michelle) as "extra bodies" in the house, but little do they know if any of them win HOH, the house will be flipped upside down.

60's Room:

Dan asked Memphis if he was gonna make a deal with Ollie before the HOH comp and Memphis said "Fuck that motherfucker." lol (I guess that's a no. ;-) )

All 3 of them are now talking about roomates and how having roomates kind of sucks because they're noisy, bring home strange friends, etc. Memphis tells them a benefit of him & Ashley (his girlfriend) moving in together:

Memphis: "If I wanna get coffee fuckin' naked, I can get coffee naked!" (laughs)

Chat is light and non-game related (at this point). They are all waiting to film for Craig Ferguson but BB hasn't told them that they're even filming today, so they have no clue what's going on.

Stay tuned...