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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been offline for a couple of hours now. The hubby & I just got word 2 hours ago that we are now first time homeowners! YAYY!!! :-D So of course, I was busy with that wonderful news & celebrating!

PS If you ever wanted to make a donation, now would be a swell time! lol ;-)

Okay, on with the Evening post!!
Nothing has happened since my last post (thankfully for me!), so let me spark up the feeds & get some screenshots for ya'll.

A look at the feeds:

Renny/Dan/Keesha/Memphis are in the 60's room talking about misc. stuff (non-game related).

April & Ollie are spending their time together. Michelle just joined April/Ollie in the kitchen area and are talking.

The HG's didn't film for Craig Ferguson because it's a repeat. They all got dolled up for nothing (poor houseguests!)

Updated @ 8:16pm BBT:
*Dan/Memphis are playing chess.
*Michelle is doing sitting ups/crunches.
*Keesha is in the kitchen snacking.
*Jerry is packing his suitcase.

April is packing her bags... Ollie watches. (Edit: he's helping her pack now.)

Keesha joined Memphis/Dan upstairs playing chess.

Alright everyone, time for me go to bed. I'll be back in the morning with the Overnight Report! See ya then! :-D

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