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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

Goooood morning, BB fans!!! :-D Today is LIVE SHOW DAY!! Yay! April will be going home tonight & then we'll get ourselves a new HOH in the house.

BB has been building the set for tonight's HOH comp since 4pm BBT yesterday and there's alot of speculation that it will be an endurance comp, and last night Memphis CONFIRMED IT!!!!

Memphis: "Production said that tomorrows comp is an endurance comp."

Now is the PERFECT TIME to get the live feeds!!!!! If you've never watched an endurance comp on the feeds, then you have no idea what you're missing out on! Plus, you get the first 14 days of the feeds are 100% FREE!! Not a dime..not a penny! :-D

Last night on the feeds, there wasn't any game talk, just misc. chit chat.

Dan ticked off Renny something awful though and that was pretty funny to watch. LOL Dan was mimicking everything Renny was saying and doing:

Renny: (talking to the camera, to Dan's girlfriend) "Monica, you signed up for this shit??" (and points to Dan)

Dan continued to piss Renny off...but Memphis (and us feed watchers!) found it hilarious!

Renny got fed up and started to strangle Dan:

Dan: "PENALTY NOM!! RIGHT THERE!" (he was joking)

Other than that, the only other "thing" that happened was that Ollie & April had one last sex romp:

Okay, so that concludes your Overnight Report! :-D

Alright, let me spark up the feeds & get a morning post going!!

Stay tuned...