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Monday, August 18, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

In the HOH room, we have Keesha/Memphis/Renny/Michelle:

Prior to Memphis entering the HOH room, the girls were talking about how it's weird how Dan/Memphis/Ollie haven't won an HOH yet. They think they're all throwing the HOH comps so that they don't have to nominate 2 people and get caught up in drama.

Michelle said that she thinks this week, the HOH comp will be physical or even an endurance comp (it will definitely be physical, but I haven't heard yet if it will be endurance or not. I'll keep ya'll posted!)

All of them are anxious to get some alcohol flowing in the house, and so am I! lol April said earlier that she knows for a fact she is going home, so she's going to stir shit up and rock the house a bit. She also said that she's not going to be pretend to like people in the house that she truly doesn't like.

Big Brother, bring on the alcohol!! :-D I wanna see the live feeds get crazy!

Updated @ 9:55pm BBT:
April/Ollie are hanging out together enjoying their last days in the house as a couple...and Jerry is following them around and spoiling every romantic moment. lol April & Ollie were in the jacuzzi and then went & jumped in the pool to cool off, Jerry clapped for them.

Dan is up in the HOH room listening to Renny's CD.

In the Spa Room:

They're talking about how bored they are and Keesha says she wants to play Monopoly. Memphis would rather play beer pong, but the beer has not arrived & doesn't look like it will either. :-(

Stay tuned...