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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Overnight Report

Hello BB10 Blog fans!! :-D Hopefully ya'll slept well and you're ready for the day. Me, on the other hand, am not! lol I stayed up watching the feeds until 5am EST and despite my cat walking on my head at 10am to wake me up, I still slept until a little bit ago. :-P

The Overnight Report:

Shortly after midnight BBT, Renny/Keesha/Memphis/Libra were talking outside...

...and doing a little April bashing and then game talk followed:

Memphis: "She's gonna wanna know who the 4th vote was. If she's smart, she won't flip out on people [after the live eviction]."

Renny said that she's tired of keeping her mouth shut & she can't wait to "open it" to April. lol

Renny: "It's gonna get NASTY in here!"
Keesha: "Especially next week."

Renny: "She HAS to go! She has to! ..because she can't play HOH this week. She can play in the POV comp, but not in the HOH. She HAS to go!"

They then talk about how one of them 4 MUST win HOH this week. It's crucial. Memphis is hoping that Jerry won't win HOH this week.

The group then starts to talk about Jerry and about how he's trying to find somewhere in the house to fit in. Memphis goes on to say that as the game continues, Jerry will crumble under the pressure of the house.

Memphis: "..the pressure, it's just gonna get harder & harder and it's gonna get tense as fuck in this house and he ain't gonna be able to take it!"

Libra gets done with her shower and joins the group outside.

Libra: "Thursday can't come fast enough, I'll tell you!" (Libra & Memphis both laugh)

The only other thing worth noting from last night was what Memphis & Dan did:

They took bandanna's and put them over their lower face (like robbers do), STORMED in he door to the bedroom of Keesha/Libra/Renny and started to hit them (hard! lol) with pillows!! The girls all screamed and laughed and Dan turned the lights on. Renny complained that Dan was hitting "REALLY hard!" and then demonstrated it on him. lol ;-)

They all calm down just a bit then Renny started to talk about her first week in the house and how it was really hard on her and made her go crazy. She said that being on the block made others not wanna talk to her and how she felt alone in the house. The way she told all of this was hilarious, by the way. She even broke out some funny glasses and was acting like her doctor and used Dan to pretend he was Renny. Funny stuff!! lol

Memphis: "Where the hell does she get this stuff?? She pulls it out of nowhere!" (talking about all her props)

And for those few that care, April & Ollie had sex again last night. I believe this is the 6th or 7th time now.

Also, Dan DID pull off his task of hugging somebody for 10 seconds: it was Jessie. lol ;-)

And this concludes the overnight report!! :-D

I'll post updates on the HG's in just a little bit, so keep checking back!

Stay tuned...