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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Afternoon in the House

**NOTE: Blogger will be down for maintance today starting at 4pm BBT (7pm EST). Should be down for about 30 mins. Just wanted to give ya a heads up. :)

Everyone is just kind of roaming around and still mentally waking up. Libra says she's still depressed-like, maybe lethargic like she was yesterday.

April/Keesha/Renny are all just talking about non-game related stuff (thrift store clothes, etc etc) and what BB took from Renny before she entered the house..stupid stuff like her pj's (then the feeds cut out, guess BB doesn't want us feed viewers to know.)

Jessie & Michelle are outside bullshitting, nothing of importance.

Jerry is complaining that he's lost 10 lbs and Jessie told him he's going to need another notch on his belt soon. Jerry then starts walking around the yard, and Dan & April are dipping their feet/lower legs in the pool.

Stay tuned...