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Monday, August 4, 2008

Checking in on the HG's

The house has been calm all day long, but tonight there might be some fireworks! April told Ollie that she still plans on talking Keesha & Libra (or will she be calling them out and exposing them?? Hmm!!)

The newly formed alliance with Keesha/Renny/Memphis/Libra/Dan still looks good & strong! But if there's one thing that ran true in the house today, is that nobody really trusts Dan. Dan, at this point, can choose which alliance to be in and ultimately be *the* deciding vote for this weeks eviction. It really all comes down to him at this point. Will he stay true to the new alliance? Or will he choose to side with the alliance of Ollie/April/Jessie/Michelle? We shall see!!

I think the house is almost too calm..almost like the 'calm before the storm'. The HG's seem to come alive late at night, so that's what I'm waiting for.

The HG's are getting stir crazy tonight. They're tired of eating/sleeping all day long. It feels like they (and all of us!) are all waiting for the game to REALLY kick into gear on Thursday. The house, if Jessie goes home, is going to be CRAZY!!!! And I can't wait to see it all happen! :-D

Updated @ 7:13pm BBT:
Jerry, Jessie, and Dan are all taking naps. Renny just woke up from her long nap. The rest of the HG's are eating in the kitchen and snacking away on chips & such. As Libra just said a little bit ago, "I'm lethargic at this point." (I think they all are today.)

Updated @ 12:03am BBT:
Nothing happened all afternoon & night except for Renny making Dan swear on his bible that he's going to vote out Jessie. lol Good thing he's America's Player this week! ;-)

I'll be back in the morning to give ya'll updates!! See ya then!! :-D

Stay tuned...