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Monday, August 4, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

Goooooooooooood MORNING, everyone!!!! :-D Holy moly, last night was INSANE!!

Alright, just to catch ya'll up on what happened last night (you can also read the super long post below this for all the details & pics), we have a new alliance that was formed in order to save Memphis this week and get Jessie out & all courtesy of Keesha & Renny!! The new alliance is Renny/Keesha/Dan/Libra/Memphis.

Keesha went outside and quietly told Dan & Memphis to come into the back bedroom. Memphis left first, then Dan a minute later.

All 4 of them (Renny was busy making a birthday cake for Keesha in the kitchen) met in the bedroom & had a quick 30 second discussion...

...Libra told Memphis that she's down for saving him this week, and Memphis gave her a huge hug and thanked her:

They quickly talked and then went on their separate ways. As Dan was leaving, he jumped up in the air pumping his fist in a mini-celebration dance...

..and then Libra & Keesha did a quiet happy dance as well:

April came in the Spa Room where Renny/Keesha/Libra were just shortly after the new alliance was formed, and they all played it cool.

When April was on her way to bed, Keesha & her hugged (this is them just being fake-nice to each other), meanwhile they both hate each other:

April went upstairs to the HOH room and told Ollie that she doesn't trust "them" and that she wants to have a meeting today to just make sure they're all voting out Memphis.

Oh, and here's a couple pics of Keesha's cake (in case ya'll wanted to see it):

And this concludes your Overnight Report! :-D

So what do ya'll think about this new alliance? Think it'll work? Leave a comment below!!!

Stay tuned...