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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Evening in the BB house: (pics)

The HG's all got wine and beer and Michelle is happy as horse shit about it! lol That girl looooves her wine! ;-)

Dan, Jessie & Michelle are upstairs by the HOH room. Dan & Jessie are playing chess and Michelle is watching & talking to them.

Dan went downstairs to get something to drink and while he was gone, Michelle & Jessie had a whisper-fest going on but I couldn't hear anything they were saying! Even Jessie said that he couldn't hear Michelle because the rest of the HG's downstairs were being too loud and that they'd talk later.

The HG's are all relaxing, drinking, sharing stories, and just chilling:

Libra is now counting everything in the house. From the fence in the backyard, to decorations in the bedrooms:

Memphis just told Keesha & Libra some of his Mixology knowledge:

Memphis: "1 cup of vodka equals 1,000 calories."


At 9:52pm BBT, Keesha went outside where Libra was laying in the hammock. I must have missed a conversation earlier between these two but the jist of the convo is about how Ollie has never been a target and he still isn't.

Libra: "It's like he's not even he's not even playing the game!"

Now they're talking about April and Keesha is doing a GREAT job at getting Libra to ditch her alliance with April. They are both bashing April.

Libra: "I'm telling you this: get us..get us through this week, then I'm breaking that shit up! There is no you/me/Ollie/April..fuck that! We just gotta stay low & pretend, and then say the word and then fuckin'...break away. Oh, here comes Memphis & Dan..."

Keesha: "Good!"

Libra: "Oh..and Ollie."

Keesha slowly & casually gets up, Libra thanks her (outloud) for "checking up on her" about her cramps. The boys play pool, Keesha goes inside, Libra remains on the hammock alone.

Michelle & Jessie are in the kitchen together. Jessie is doing dishes, Michelle is drunk. They have a little fight over nothing, and Michelle walks away with wine in hand. As she walks away, Jessie tells her that she has a white fuzzy on her ass.

Michelle: "Why are you looking at my ass to begin with?"

Michelle then starts to lay on the hints of needing to "get some" and I don't know if Jessie isn't picking up on it, or if he just doesn't care, but he's not showing any sexual interest, just friendship. Michelle even asked him if they're gonna sleep in the same bed tonight.

He offers to make her something to eat and she says okay. Michelle is now talking about food and general life stuff (the flirting has stopped completely.) Oops! I spoke too soon; the flirting has started up again. lol

I seriously don't know which live feed to choose! Michelle flirting with Jessie & Jessie telling her to take a "cold shower"..or I could watch Keesha, Renny & Libra whisper-talking about game!! OOoo...what to pick!!!!

Oh, Jerry just walked in to use the massage chair in the Spa Room where Jessie & Michelle are..I'll pick the feed with Libra/Renny/Keesha. lol

Seems like Libra might be flipping!! And if she is, she can damn well be that 4th vote they need to keep Memphis this week.

Renny: (to Keesha & Libra) "It's gonna get REAL nasty up in here!"
Keesha: "Oh, I know! I know."

Renny just said that April wants Memphis out this week and she doesn't want him to go and LIBRA SAID SHE DOESN'T EITHER!!!! Ladies & Gents, I believe Libra has officially FLIPPED!!! :-D

Keesha: "I want him out." (talking about Jessie)
Renny: "I want him out, too."
Libra: "I want him out, three! We just need 1 more person..."
Keesha: "Don't worry, I got the votes." *smiles big*

This is all a shock to Libra that she has the 4th vote..DAN!!!

Libra: "Dan? He gave you his word that he WILL keep him (Memphis)?"
Keesha: "I saw this shit coming a long time ago.."

Libra asks Keesha if she's positive that he would vote Jessie out, and Keesha said that she didn't get "too into it" with Dan about it, but thinks that he would be with them 3 in getting Jessie out this week. Libra tells Keesha to check to see if anyone is listening at the door. Keesha goes outside and finds everybody outside except Jessie & Michelle who are no where near the bedrooms.

Keesha goes back into the bedroom and they talk.

Libra: "I don't trust Dan...I don't think Dan is 'the way', Renny said that he's shifty. If you're up for the task, then..[try to get his vote]."

They talk about how it's CRUCIAL for them to win HOH this week. CRUCIAL!!!

Keesha: "[Dan's] not stupid. He knows that if he keeps just going along, that people are gonna get rid of him."

Keesha makes Libra promise "on something" that she won't tell anyone about them talking to keep Memphis. Libra swears on her kids that she won't say anything.

They say that they have to get Dan to swear on the Bible that he'll vote Jessie out. They set the plan up to happen tonight!!!!

If you have the live feeds, fire'em up!! The game has OFFICIALLY changed!!! :-D

Update @ 2:43am EST:
Okay guys & dolls, I'm heading to bed but I'll be back in the morning with a FULL overnight report!!

Stay tuned...