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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Afternoon & Early Evening in the house:

Before I get to a current update on the live feeds, let's see what happened this afternoon:

Keesha & Memphis talked today outside in the backyard while sunbathing. Memphis says what all of us BB fans are thinking..why does everyone vote the way the HOH wants them to vote? He goes on to say that everybody voting that way isn't going to get everyone to the end.

Keesha, who truly wants Memphis to stay, tells him that she can only get 3 votes (Keesha, Renny, and possibly Dan) but they need 4. Memphis asks about Libra but Keesha puts that thought to rest real quick by reminding him that she's so far up April's ass that there's no way that will happen.

Apparently the veto comp involved some sort of bartering tools including gold bars and I think even cash?? It's hard to figure out what exactly they can do until we see Tuesday nights episode, so I don't wanna give ya'll false info. But apparently, Libra won something that she can use to barter to get votes in the house (or at least that's the impression I got from Keesha.) And according to April, she "gave" Jerry $4,000 to NOT use the POV and I guess that if he does use it, that she can take it back? Argh! It's like they're speaking in code!! lol Can't wait to see Tuesday's episode!!!! Either way, word got back to April that Jerry might be using the POV to save Jessie to ensure that Memphis goes home.

In other news, Jerry told Jessie that Memphis offered him his slop pass in exchange for the veto.

Keesha & April's "friendship" is totally fake and Keesha knows it. She said that they are fake-nice to each other but that Keesha can't stand her and that she wants Ollie & April gone ASAP.

Okay, now let's get to the feeds!! I'll post it in a new post!

Stay tuned...