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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Night Show Review

Hey BB fans!! :-D

If you missed the Sunday night show on CBS, here's the cliff notes for ya:

They showed the HOH comp for a long time. Here's who went out, in order, and how long they lasted:

Jerry: 26 mins
Libra: 33 mins
Dan: 45 mins (he threw the comp & Libra knows it.)
Ollie: 55 mins
Jessie: 1 hour & 6 mins
Memphis: 1 hour & 16
Renny: 1 hour 58 mins
Michelle: 2 hours 40 mins
April: *Last to drop immediately after Michelle.* - The New HOH

They showed that April DID say that she promised to not NOMINATE Jessie or Michelle. April kept saying that she kicked Michelle's ass in the comp but if that was true, then why would she make a deal that she would go back on anyways? April saw that Michelle was breaking down and didn't have to make any kind of deal. It doesn't make sense.

Keesha was talking to Memphis in the Spa Room, that's when April whispered to Libra (in front of Renny) that if Keesha was telling Memphis anything from their alliance, she would put her up. Libra said she hasn't been doing any of that. Renny heard all of this told Keesha her everything that April said and to watch out because April's after her. Keesha said "I should have got her out when I had the chance."

During the nomination ceremony, April told Memphis that the reason he was nominated was because of he won a car during Week 1 (which is bullshit, it's because she knew if Memphis won HOH, he would have nominated her for eviction.) She told Jessie that the reason she nom'ed him was because he's a "strong competitor".

So that's the highlights of tonight's show. :-D

Let me peek in on the HG's and get another post going for ya'll!

Stay tuned...