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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Live Eviction is tonight!!

Hey everyone!! Are ya'll as excited as I am about tonight's Live Eviction & the HOH Endurance Comp?? I hope so!! I also hope you have your live feeds set up by now, but if you don't, there's still PLENTY of time to get them up & running!! The feeds will be back about 5 minutes after the live show has ended, so you have more than enough time to get'em & spark'em up! ;-)

I'll be posting the Live Eviction episode right here in this post. We have just a little bit of time before it starts, so grab your snacks and get ready!!! :-D

In the meantime, let's play everyone's favorite game here on the blog...


Give me your best caption for this pic of April & leave it in a comment below!


"Good evening, I'm Julie Chen. It's Day 45 in the BB house."

Dan tried to stir the house up by saying he was offered money.
April said she never offered a set amount to Dan.

They're showing Michelle trying to find out who offered Dan money because Michelle wants "That person GONE!"

Michelle asks Dan who it was, he doesn't say.
Michelle says that he thinks it was Jerry (during a Diary Room session).

Switching to: Keesha/Memphis talking about how April HAS to go this week for the sake of their game play.

Showing April crying to Ollie "I'm a sweet person! I bake cakes for people!".
April thinks America will not like Dan if he doesn't vote for April to stay. (Boy is she wrong! LOL)

Ollie/April talking to Michelle about getting Dan's vote. Michelle says that she has to vote with the house otherwise she'll be a target.

Ollie talks to Dan outside about getting his vote and trying to sweet-talk him into getting April to stay.

Now it's April's turn to try to get his vote. They go into the Spa Room and April offers him the money again and safety for next week.

Julie Chen-"Up next, we'll talk to April & Ollie's family & friends."


They're showing Ollie/April's showmance. Now they're showing Ollie's parents. They're saying that he's never had a long term relationship.
Now April's twin sister is speaking. She said she was shocked at the marriage proposal.

Julie is talking to the HG's live now!! :-D
They played a clip of the birds & Ollie running away from them. LOL Ollie laughed his ass off at the clip.

Julie asks Renny why did she cry so much when she saw pics of her deceased parents. She said that they were the best and "beautiful" people & parents. Renny tears up pretty good as she talks.

Julie asked Jerry how he is dealing with being on slop all the time, Jerry said he fries it up all the time. lol


Julie is talking to Renny up in the HOH room. She hopes America likes her and that she's a very CRAZY and loving and fun person. :) She said she wants Memphis gone, she said he needs to learn respect in life, and that everyone is letting Memphis slide through the game.

April's speech: "Play the game for YOU! I cherish every moment I had in the house."
Jerry's speech: "If I'm evicted, I will not take sour grapes with me. I will take these memories with me if I leave tonight."

Keesha votes to evict...APRIL
Memphis votes to evict...APRIL
Ollie votes to evict...JERRY
Dan votes to evict...APRIL (it's OFFICIAL, April is gone!)
Michelle votes to evict...APRIL

By a vote of 4-1..

Evicted from the BB House is:


(Julie will tell her after the commercial)


Julie just told April, she's hugging everyone...kissed Ollie on the cheek and left. Julie asked her about her feelings on Keesha..April kind of babbled on & on. She said that Ollie will move to Arizona but they will get seperate apartments.

In Ollie's goodbye speech, Ollie asked April to be his girlfriend and he wants an answer the second he gets out of the house.


TIME FOR THE HOH ENDURANCE COMP!!! :-D I'll open up a seperate post in a minute!! In the meantime, GET YOUR FREE LIVE FEEDS and watch the comp!! :-D

America: Choose which HG you want to recieve a phone call from a loved one!



Stay tuned...