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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Live Eviction & HOH Comp:

The feeds have been & will be boring today..until after the HOH Comp, that is! hehe ;-) Every Thursday, they go through the same boring routine of clean/sleep/shower/nap/eat/wait.

So I'm going to get offline until about an hour before the Live Show airs on CBS.

According to Memphis, production told him that tonight's HOH comp is going to be an ENDURANCE COMP!!!! :-D w00t w00t!! Sometimes they last 2 hours..other times they can last 10 hours. And because there's only a handful of HG's left, I have a feeling that we're going to be in for a VERY lonnnng night!!! Not one person is safe in the house this week...not one!! So they're all going to be giving their all to win the title of being the new HOH!

All of you can watch it on the feeds tonight with me for FREE!! Yes..totally 100% not-a-penny-spent FREE for 2 weeks straight! (I wouldn't lie to ya'll, I love you guy too much! :) )

How to Watch Tonight's Endurance Comp:
1) Sign up & grab your 2 week free trial here!
2) Install the software (so you can watch the feeds & switch cameras)
3) Play around with the camera views & get comfy with them (it's super-easy!)
4) Grab your favorite snack (I prefer chips & dip! hehe ;-) )
5) Sit back & watch the madness unfold!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be back tonight at 7pm EST (6pm Central..4pm BBT)!!

See ya then!! :-D

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