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Monday, August 11, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Good evening, ya'll!! I'm going to be posting the happenings in the house for a little bit and then save the rest for the overnight report tomorrow. ;-)

Just to get you guys & dolls all caught up on what's been happening the past couple hours: nothing much at all. lol The topic of the day has clearly been Jerry's awful speech to/about Dan this afternoon during the POV Ceremony. His speech not only made him look like a fool, but now the whole house is ignoring him and nobody wants anything to do with him. This is great news for Dan, because everyone feels so bad for Dan and what was said to him and how his religion was held against him. Jerry might as well painted a big bullseye on his back because he is now a huge target in the house & nobody wants to be associated with such a huge target.

So that's pretty much what the past few hours has been like.

Okay, now back to the feeds I go! :-D I'll post an update shortly (the feeds have been on fishies for a while now. Hmm.)

10:08pm BBT:
Keesha/Libra/Memphis/Dan are in the 60's room and they're talking about how they can't wait until midnight (BBT) because then they're off of slop for the next 24 hours, but then back on it for most of the week (I forget which other day they're off of slop.)

Keesha is now saying that BB made her watch a couple episodes of Season 8 because she wasn't really familiar with the show. They switch subjects to the "people behind the walls" and how loud they are during the night.

10:49pm BBT
Dan & Michelle enter the HOH room. Dan is anxious for midnight to approach so he can eat real food.

They start talking about Jerry and about how he wanted Dan to be the re-nom if he were to use the POV.

Michelle lies somewhat to Dan by saying she didn't know that he was going to say his speech, but is honest in the fact that she didn't like how he addressed Dan when he wasn't even on the block and he didn't have the power to put him up either.

The convo switches gears real quick to talking about food. Dan is hungrryyy for real food. lol Now they're thinking of what else talk about, and Michelle brings up the whole "I think you're America's Player" thing.

Dan: "You know, I still am [Americas Player]" (lol)

Now they're joking about it.

Michelle asks Dan who he thinks America's Choice would be (at this point).

He says her. (Kissing up, perhaps?) Either Michelle or Renny. He thinks America probably thought Renny was crazy the first week, but probably loves her now. (Yep!!) Michelle also agrees that Renny would be a good pick for America's Choice. If you don't know what America's Choice is, it's when durin the Finale, BB will give $25,000 to the HG that America votes to get it (so basically, America's favorite HG.)

Everybody in the house today (including Michelle & Dan right now) have talked about the Jury House and where it might be. Memphis said earlier that it's not in Mexico this year because he doesn't have a passport. They all hope it's a nice house with a big pool and unlimited alcohol. They all seem to need & want the vacation.

Okay, it's almost 2:30am EST and I'm gonna go to bed. I'll be back in the morning with a full overnight report! See ya then! :-D

Stay tuned...