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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Overnight Report

Goood morning (or afternoon, depending where you're located)!! I'm sipping my coffee and putting together the Overnight Report right now, so keep checking back!! :-D

Picking up from where I stopped posting night, April & Ollie were in the Spa Room:

April: "You really didn't think I was a dumb blonde?"
Ollie: "Nope. I've never placed you in that category."

Michelle enters & they welcome her company. Jerry joins them as well.

They all tell jokes and talk about nothing in particular.

Switch cameras to: 60's Room with Keesha/Libra/Memphis

Dan enters & they tease him about just coming from the Diary Room & being America's Player.

Keesha: "So what's your new task, Dan?"

(They all laugh and Dan was a good sport about it.)

The subject then turns to sex & masturbation..Dan gets embarressed & hides behind his pillow. lol

Libra gets a little graphic by saying 'if you find crunchy socks..' (oh my! lol)

They start talking about "hoods" (on a woman) and Keesha didn't know what a "hood" was. Libra explained it and Dan was even MORE embarassed than before and was hiding his face with his pillow again.

Memphis: "wow....WOW!" (laughing)

Keesha was laughing uncontrollably!

They turn back to the subject of masturabtion again..and..well..I'll let Memphis sum up the convo for ya:

Memphis: "Moms of America, pay attention: knock before opening your sons' doors. Unless you wanna get one in the eye."

Everybody starts laughing again.

Switching camera's to: The kitchen

Everybody started to prepare their food shortly before midnight and right at the stroke at midnight, the HG's ate some real food (they are off slop for 24 hours).

Nobody spoke a single word for about 5 minutes, all that can be heard was chewing and slurping. lol

And this concludes your Overnight Report!! :-D
Let me fire up the feeds and see what the HG's are up to and I'll start a new post. ;-)

Stay tuned...