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Monday, August 11, 2008

Michelle's Diary Room Leak!!!

You guys know I can't post vids of the live feeds, but there are vids out there of one of Michelle's Diary Room sessions today:

Her and the guy behind the camera asking her questions were flirting BIG TIME with each other (it was kinda cute). She was asked a series of questions about the whole Jerry speech during the POV Ceremony thing and she said that they had talked before the ceremony and she knew what was gonna happen, but didn't understand his speech because he kept saying that he was "saving" Dan for "the last time".

Michelle: "I'm not sure if he just doesn't know how to use the POV or what."

The whole diary session leak lasted for about 25 mins. There wasn't any vital info in it, though. Just basically what we already know and that Libra will be going home and that is what Michelle had planned all along and she's happy it all "worked out" like she planned it to.

Let me fire up the feeds and I'll post some updates with new pics! :-D

Stay tuned...