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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Overnight Report

Good Thursday morning, everyone!!!

Let's get this Overnight Report over with so we can move on with the rest of the day.

As I posted late last night, Angie had a talk with Ollie and we found out that he didn't/doesn't want Angie to go. Well, Libra told Dan last night that she doesn't wanna see Angie go either, but it's not "their decision" to not get her out. Umm, do these HG's know how to play Big Brother???

After that convo, Ollie said that they were in the mist of doing their goodbye messages late last night. After Ollie's talk with Angie, him and April went into their bed to snuggle and talk.

Ollie expressed that he doesn't want Angie to go home but April does because Angie is such a strong player. Talk ended a little while later and the kissing began:

Back in the Spa Room, it was Memphis & Angie hanging out and talking about various topics (mostly non-game related). Angie then told Memphis about planting the seed in Ollie's ear on how each HG should vote the way they want. Memphis thinks they (Keesha's alliance) are trying to pin him against Jerry. Yesterday, Jerry apologized to Memphis for calling him a womanizer and Memphis said that he accepted his apology, but then Jerry talked shit on him behind his back later on that night and Memphis found out but he played it cool. He said he doesn't accept his apology but won't get into a confrontation and start shit over it either.

In other news, I think Michelle & Jessie kissed last night in the Spa Room but I can't be 100% sure because there were pillows in the way. It'll be interesting to see if that's shown on tonight's episode or not.

And that is it for the Overnight Report! Let me get another post rolling.

Stay tuned...