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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Angie plans a last minute talk w/ Keesha

Angie & Memphis are laying outside on a lounger together and their chit chat switches to game talk real quick:

Memphis: "We definitely need to get Jessie out now, ya know?"
Angie: "Mm Hm."
Memphis: "We might not get another chance at this point."
Angie: "Right. Before it's too late."
Memphis: "Ya. To have him up on the block, twice, and he has not left."
Angie: "Ya."
Memphis: "But, they..they're thinking about next week, and that's whats getting them in trouble. They're thinking they'll just put him (Jessie) and me up next week. a perfect world, you would.
Angie: "But things change so..[quickly]."
Memphis: "Ya."

Angie wants to go to Jerry, who also wants Jessie out of the house ASAP, and get his vote to evict Jerry. In return, Angie will promise him safety next week if she wins HOH. Angie also plans to tell Keesha that if she knew what was good for herself personally, she would get out Jessie now..because he *will* come after her next week if he gets HOH.

Angie talking about when to talk to Keesha:

Angie: "But I still think I'm going to wait until tomorrow to talk to her about that she doesn't have time to talk about it or ponder over it.
Memphis: "Ya."
Angie: "..but just enough time so that she can say 'you know what, that's probably smart' and maybe give them the green light.."

Stay tuned...