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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Keesha takes HOH pics

The HG's were (finally!) told today that live evictions will now be on Thursdays (instead of Wednesday's).

With that being said, Keesha just got the HOH camera a little bit ago and she's taking as many pictures as possible..or should I say, having as many pics of herself taken as possible (and re-doing each one at least 2 times, most of the times 3 times until she thinks she looks good enough.)

I had to push the mute button on my laptop because the amount of "cute! that's cute! TOTALLY cute!" was getting out of hand. lol

April, who wasn't fully satisfied with any of her pics, is caking on another layer of makeup and spraying half a can of hairspray in her hair. Oyy.

Stay tuned...