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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Afternoon & Early Evening in the house: (pics)

After the Veto Ceremony (where Keesha decided to NOT use it), the house got back into their normal routines.

Angie & Memphis went outside to work out for a bit:

Dan went into the Spa Room to see if Ollie wanted to go outside to the pool so that Dan could teach him how to swim..Ollie says no, but thanks, because he just ate.

Angie and Libra found a mutual ground and will be remain decent while they're inside the house. Angie has accepted her fate of being voted out this week, and even went to April to clear the air between them both, and they both made peace as well. Angie just wants the house to be calm during her last few days in the house.

Michelle still has it out for Keesha and that whole alliance. If she wins HOH this week, I guarantee that shit is gonna hit the fan and she's going to rock the house!! :-D

Meanwhile, all day long, Jessie has been digging himself a bigger hole by running his mouth. He just won't calm down! He still thinks that he will possibly go home..even though the houseguests and even Angie know that it's Angie going home. But at this rate, I wouldn't surprised if the house flips. That'll be interesting to watch!!

Alright, now you're all caught up on the afternoon & early evening inside the BB house. Big Brother: After Dark is on Showtime right now and I'm gonna go watch it but I'll still be here at the computer.

If you have the live feeds, I'll be in that chat room!!
So hopefully I'll see ya there!! :-D

Stay tuned...