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Monday, July 28, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

Good morning everyone!! Time to see what the HG's were up to last night!

The house was loving Renny last night and she has quickly got her status in the house way up!! She was doing several different impressions of the houseguests last night and boy, was she funny!

Renny had them all cracking up for over an hour. It was a pleasure to see her on the feeds just being herself and being crazy-silly. :)

But then Dan was the surprise last night! He walked into the dinning room wearing Renny's clothes and doing an impression of was hilarious!!!

Jessie's hole that he's digging is getting deeper & deeper. Okay, so last night Jessie was outside talking to Memphis and Angie. Libra looked out the kitchen window as she was getting popcorn. Jessie saw Libra and then waved bye-bye to her in a smart-ass kind of way, and libra gave him a thumbs up & blew him a kiss. Libra tells everyone what just happened and even swears on her kids that it's true (which it is because even Jessie was braging about what he just did).

Libra is pissed, Ollie is telling her to chill out and not get pissed, but she still did. Only this time, she didn't go psycho on anybody, she kept it pretty well maintained for the most part.

Libra still gets more fired up with each passing minute and throws the idea out to the alliance to get him out this week, instead of Angie. The group quickly says to stick with the plan to get out Angie (but I still wouldn't doubt if Jessie gets out this week!) So instead, they're thinking about making him squirm and mess with his mind since he's already going crazy thinking he could leave this week.

There was also some tension after Renny was doing her hilarious impressions:

Renny: "Hey Angie, why you wearing that hat? (..she's wearing Brian's hat)
Angie: "Why not? I've been wearing it for a while now.."
Renny: "Well it just reminds me of Brian, that's all."
Memphis: "Like Steven's sweatshirt?" (that Keesha is wearing)

The 7-alliance took major offense to that comment that Memphis made.

Keesha: "Wow, they're really starting to throw some low-blows!"

It's also worth mentioning that Ollie might not be flying under the radar like he thinks he is. Michelle & Jessie talked about how Ollie hasn't done shit in the game and he needs to go.

So there ya have it, the overnight report! Oh, and the HG's still dont know that live eviction is thursday (they kept saying "its not wednesday yet.." last night).

Stay tuned...