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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Night Show

Okay, they're showing Keesha being really upset at Steven leaving the house and then winning HOH.

Keesha says she held back "so much" emotions (she wanted to scream and "turn the house upside down") Renny said that she really wanted Keesha to win and that they're really good friends. Libra is more than happy that Keesha won HOH. Dan says he threw the HOH comp..his strategy is to be seen as a weak player and it's working thus far.

Keesha is saying that it's amazing how many people were kissing her ass as soon as she got her HOH key. Jessie & Memphis privately talked and they think that Keesha has their back and they're not worried. (Ironic to hear that knowing the noms now!)

Keesha says that she's the one in charge and she's not going to let everyone else run her HOH for her...umm, that pretty much happened this whole week. At least her intentions were good. lol :-P

Keesha gets her HOH room and shows it to everyone, and she got a letter from her mom & dad. The only person that Keesha allowed in the room as she read the letter was Renny because she's the only one in the game that she fully trusts. Keesha reads her letter and's a very emotional letter. Renny sincerely hugged her to comfort her. Keesha goes into game talk...tells Renny she trusts her completely. Renny says that she can't trust Libra...Keesha agrees. Renny says that Libra will stabd her in the back "so fast." April comes up to the HOH room, Renny thinks April is a pain in the ass. Keesha tells Ollie, April, and Libra who she's thinking about putting up and told all of them her plans at that point.

Keesha tells Memphis (who is up in the HOH room with April) that she's thinking about putting up Angie. Memphis tells her that Angie isn't after her. Keesha sees Angie as a threat.

"If you think she's gunning for you, then take care of it." -Memphis

Angie says tells Michelle that Keesha isn't NOT strong enough to NOT to do what "they" say ("they" being the alliance of 7). Jessie asks Memphis if his name was mentioned, he says no. Memphis sends Jessie to talk to Keesha to try to save Angie's ass. Dan goes up to the HOH room, Keesha said that she "Really, really" wanted to talk to him. She tells him that he was SUPPOSED to be nom'ed this week, but she won't do that. She asks for his back next week, he says yes. Dan says his word is everything and then gives Keesha examples of his "word". Keesha and Dan now have a sub-alliance.

Keesha confronts Libra and said that she can't believe that Libra was targeting her (as she has heard by mouth). Libra said she wasn't targeting her, just her friendship with Steven and that she "doubted" Keesha. They make amends and all is well. Libra says she'll never doubt her again.


They all got dressed up in 50's outfits: Poodle Skirts and such. It was a Sock Hop comp. (Really cute!!) Each HG's had to get on a spinning record, which was HUGE, and go through a laundry basket of socks and match the sock with the other HG's that was on the other side of the wall (hard to explain). It was guys vs girls. Renny, by far, had the most trouble. lol She couldn't hear Dan on the other side and it was a problem every time. Poor girl was screaming at the top of lungs, but couldn't get a grip on the comp. April & Ollie didn't work good together at all! He couldn't hear her..she couldn't hear him..they picked different socks and it was a mess. lol
They won: Pigs Feet, Beef, Chicken, Apples, Bananas, Cookies, Beer, Brownies, Juices cereals, and pumpernickel.

They're showing Ollie & April having a deep conversation. Ollie reveals that he has a problem with relationships and April helps him see the bigger picture.

They're showing April in the HOH room, Keesha tells her that Angie is going up and she needs advice for a 2nd nom. They play around with Memphis & bring up the whole "you won a car!" thing. Keesha is listening to everything that April is saying and agreeing with it...just as she has done with every houseguest her whole week of HOH.

Keehsa & Jessie talk next. Keesha tells him that she's nom'ing Angie. Jessie tries his best to keep her from nom'ing Angie and tells her that Angie isn't after her. They toy with the idea of putting up Libra and Dan (Dan as a pawn).

"Just put up Dan & Libra! It's that easy!" -Jessie
"If I put Libra out, she'll go home."-Keesha

Keesha (in a Diary Room session) says that she's going to shock the whole house with her noms.

Nominated for Eviction are:

Angie & Jessie

Her Reasons for nominating:
Jessie: He is huge threat and sent Steven out. (and his arrogance).
Angie: She was part of the Brian's alliance.

<**End of Show**