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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Win an Autographed Shirt!!

On real player (where the live feeds were, and where the re-feeds are currently playing), you can watch Keesha & Chelsia (from BB9) chat LIVE on Friday Sept. 26th @ 9pm EST on Feed #4!! :-D So how can you watch & ask questions for Keesha to answer? Simple! Click here to watch it & watch the replay feeds totally free for 2 weeks!

What can be better than that? How about winning a t-shirt signed by Keesha & Chelsia?!!! :-D

Currently on the replay feeds:

Original Date: Wed. July 30th
HOH: Keesha
On the Block: Angie & Jessie

The replay feeds are on the Wednesday right before Angie gets evicted (on Thursday) from the house, so it's week 3 in the house, going on week 4.

There's still SOOOOO much of the feeds to see at this point!! Alot of fights, alot of April/Ollie sex, and alot of lying! ;-)

You can watch the replay feeds for FREE for 2 weeks before you commit!

Grab Your 2 Week Free Trial Right Here!!

Here's some screenshots I just took from the replay feeds:

Angie is talking to Memphis about how she can stay in the house:

Dan is still wearing his cross necklace at this point:

..and here's a shot of most of the HG's roaming in the kitchen area.

Tomorrow on the replay feeds, you will get to see the Endurance Comp where April won. Remember this one??

Watch this Endurance Comp on the replay feeds!!!

Okay, as far as an update on BB11, I don't really have one. It is, however, looking more & more like BB11 will be on the summertime. :-( Of course, I will keep ya'll updated!!

Stay tuned...

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