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Friday, September 26, 2008

BB10 Ebay Auctions:

Holy moly, BB fans!! There are a TON of stuff being sold on ebay from various houseguests of BB10!! :-D

Ollie is selling some hats that he wore while on the show..does anyone even care? LOL Apparently not because nobody is bidding on his stuff.

Dan, on the other hand, is making a killing on all the gear he has posted for sale!

Here's a look at the bids as of 9:04pm BBT Friday Sept 26th:

Steven's BB10 Bag: $96
Dan's ORIGINAL St. Mary's Red Tshirt: $660
Dan's "TAKEN" tshirt: $112
Dan's "Spike the Albino Emo" Frog: $147.50
Dan's ONLY Renegade red bandanna: $91
Memphis's hat: $21 (omg I am totally bidding on that!)

and then you have...
Michelle's shirt worn when evicted: $1.75
Ollie's Blue Baseball hat: *No bids*

LOL Oh boy. :-P

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Those who have followed the blog know how badly I couldn't wait for Memphis to put his hat up for sale, so I'm totally gEEk'ing out that he put it up for sale!! :-D I'll let ya'll know if I end up winning it (I better win it, dammit!)

Stay tuned...

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